Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saves the Day

Dan and I have a long standing agreement and it goes like this:

IF we're so pathetic that we can't sucker anyone into marrying us by the time we turn 60, we'll merge our assets and embark upon a marriage of convenience.

I have to promise two things:
1) That I will never ever say that football is a dumb game.

2) If I ever feel like 'talking about the relationship,' I'll go talk about the relationship with one of my girlfriends.

In exchange, on 2/14, I get one of these. :-)


Anonymous said...

you are an extremely beautiful woman you should have no problems finding men. Dan obviously cares.

Anonymous said...

yesterday I was out with my post hole digger putting perforated pipe in the ground to get more water deeper so I would lose less to evaporation and get the roots deeper.

Ps I think your gorgeous.