Friday, July 27, 2007

Purple Rain

Have you been praying for rain?
Please pray for it to stop, now.
Salvia Verticillata
Purple Rain

It has rained and rained and rained. In fact, it's rained so much I had to put the hard top back on the Jeep Wrangler, cutting short a particularly enjoyable midlife crisis.

I switched cars with L this summer. I have her old Jeep and she has my boring SUV. She's gorgeous and doesn't like to mess up her hair. I, on the other hand, am not gorgeous. Plus, no matter what I do to my hair it always looks like I've been drinking. So, I've been having loads of fun buzzing around town in a 'convertible.'

I bought Salvia Purple Rain in honor of my old fave, 'the artist formerly known as.' We were in the crowd scenes when he was filming his movie, of the same name as this flower.

I don't know Prince personally, but I do know he's unbelievably tiny (shorter than me) and incredibly high maintenance because he used to shop in my store when I lived in Minneapolis. [The movie and my fondness for his music dates me on many levels, hence the midlife crisis!]

This perennial has more confusing names than the rock star - Salvia Verticillata Meadow Sage Purple Rain. Thankfully, it's not nearly as high maintenance.

Purple Rain is billed as one of the best choices for 'lasting color in hot, dry situations.' And, they're not kidding. I have been torturing this beauty for 3 years and it just keeps getting prettier and prettier. Even if you think Prince is a has been, invest in a few of these. Her smoky purple spires are the best cut flowers to come out of my too-blue garden. (USDA zones 4-9, 24 inches high, 36 inch spread.)

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