Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Parade

I strolled through the blogosphere yesterday, visiting everyone ~ from casual acquaintances to good blogging friends.

Gardeners were giddy over the coming of spring.

Photos of bright daffodils, luscious violas, and feisty little crocus greeted me wherever I went.

A feeling of spring is in the air here, too. Warm mountain sunshine is making short work of this tiresome snow.

The horses are shedding their thick, winter coats. They kicked up their heels and raced the length of the corral, when I arrived. That's their way of saying: Me! Pick me! For the first spring ride.

Horses, like plants and people, too, all have special things that make them particular happy.

Megan (right) is a sucker for crisp, crunchy carrots.

Smokey Bear (left) would stand on his head if you offered up a Fig Newton.

The cactus pictured below sits squarely on a furnace vent to encourage these bright blossoms.

My bug-eyed alien is laden with blooms:

And, Heirloom Hyacinths have a sweet perfume.

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