Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucy & Veronica

Veronica Georgia Blue

When you start your own business, you need all sorts of things to make you look legit. Like a logo and a business card... and a really snappy tag line. I wanted to use this one:

"Up at noon, to work by one, an hour for lunch and then I'm done."
- SW's 7 Dwarfs

My biz partner thought it made us sound lazy. I argued that honesty might be the best policy. We ultimately chose a tag line that made us sound hard-working and I gotta tell ya... I've regretted it ever since.

Especially today when I kept staring out the window wishing I could be in the garden, planting the goodies I picked up over the weekend. Meet Lucy ~ my pink flowering tree:
This Rose of Sharon [allegedly] puts up with high winds and alkaline soil so she's joining the ranks of the 'movable' trees. The ones I plant in great big pots because I am a) indecisive, b) unwilling to admit I live in a desert, c) all that and then some.

Sticking Lucy in a great big pot keeps her moist and let's me postpone the permanent planting decision for years!

Lucy Althea, zone 5, blooms all summer and has no business whatsoever in a high plains desert. But that's not gonna stop me from trying. Keeping her in a pot on the deck might remind me to water her now and then.

Veronica Georgia Blue is a non-invasive ground cover, a cute companion to this pretty tree because I think I'll shoot myself if I have to spend one more dollar on shredded bark mulch.


Kylee said...

Hi Kate ~ Found you on Blotanical! I love this post. Nothing wrong with putting the Althea in a pot! Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

I'm going to do some more reading here... :-)

Clark said...

Hi Kate!

I happened upon your blog because I´m researching how to make a beautiful and theraputic garden up at 13,000 ft on the Altiplano of Bolivia. It gets really cold here, but fortunately it rarely snows; the ground freezes in the dry season sometimes. Thank you for writing this blog. Browsing has been lovely and fun! I haven´t had time yet to look at every blog post. If you have specific posts you suggest beginners read, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

That veronica looks like a very pretty weed i have in my garden.