Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Day Wonders, Mexican Shellflowers

I don't believe in fairy tales but I certainly live for magical moments... like this morning's first bloom from my Mexican Shellflower.
Tigridia, or Mexican Shellflowers, bloom for one amazing day. And, there's really no telling what you'll get ~ red, yellow, pink ~ who cares? They're all gorgeous.
And, now she's gone. Tigridias are very tender bulbs, can't stand temperatures colder than 50 degrees. Flowers last for just one day, though they have several buds on each stem.

Fingers crossed a different color will open tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty, too sad it only lasts a day. I love the backround flowers too! KC
PS You would have loved the MG meeting tonight. One of Wunx' friends from WCC gave a slide presentation of native wild flowers; some from your area.