Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up to... Me

African Violets brighten my kitchen window.
[A fab way to divert attention from dirty dishes that need washing!]

When in the mood to eavesdrop, I hear this question all the time: Where did the week go?

Into the history books, I suppose, with very little to show for it. Been so wrapped up in this, that, and the other thing I forgot all about my itty bitty blog.

How does she do it?
A trio of micro mini roses, different colors?
In one pot?*

Seedlings are percolating nicely in the big, bay window. The warmth of the sun inspired all my favorites to bloom: Jane's Azaleas, an experimental Day Lily, forced Hyacinth and tiny Narcissus bulbs, bright red Kalanchoe...


1 unmistakable sign of spring:

* How does she do it? 3 colors of micro mini roses in one pot??? Oh, that one's easy. Snip the roses, hide them amidst the leaves in 1 pot, shoot the picture. Presto! You're a gardening rock star. :)


Iron Needles said...

Another unmistakable sign...itchy gardeners taking walkabouts in their cold yards...with snow still melting on the patios...

But there be foliage poking out from yonder mulch!

Spring...she is a-comin'!

Kate said...

Oh yes! I had the biggest grin on my face Friday afternoon when I spotted the first Daffodil shoots. :))

vuejardin said...

I just add your beautiful garden to my favorite blog list.