Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paper Yellows

March winds howled relentlessly for 3 long days. Picking at my sanity like a hungry bird.

I'd toss and turn, shake off strange nightmares, and try it again. Come morning, I'd stumble toward the coffee pot in a sleepy fog.

Then oh so abruptly, relief. The noisy wind stopped. It quietly began to snow. Soft gently falling flakes that invite me to see a magic in winter most gardeners do not.

Even though it was night time, Bad Dog and I donned the snowshoes and took a little hike. Soaking in the silence, returning to normal, I rediscovered my smile.

When we got home the toilet exploded. So, I've been having a week.

Fortunately, for me, so have the indoor Daffodils and that's a good thing.

Narcissus has been hopelessly hybridized to the point it's hard to know what you're growing. But this variety, Narcissus papyraceus, will always have a special spot in my window.

They're commonly colored white and called Paperwhites. I get all the white I need outdoors in the form of snow. These are the rebels of that Tazetta group, Paper Yellows.


Wunx~ said...

I know you're a talented woman, but how on earth did you manage to explode your toilet?

Kate said...

It was clogged so I thought I'd flush it a bunch of times in rapid succession! That didn't exactly work out as planned. :D