Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Poor [Yet Persuasive] Man's Orchid

They call it the Poor Man's Orchid and I wholeheartedly agree ~ it was on sale for $1.99.

Any other claim to Orchid fame would have to be lumped into that oh so common file called false advertising.

You'd have to be one very poor and highly persuasive man to talk any woman into believing this is an Orchid.

My happy little grocery store bargain is called Schizanthus and while she looks more like an Alstroemeria than she ever could an Orchid, I immediately concluded that: Beggars cannot be choosers.

In this 'Winter of Discontent' aka how Kate's Hellishly Dull Budget is severely cramping her style, a buck 99 for some flower-filled joy was right up my alley.

Even the cat was impressed:
Schizanthus is a cute little annual that will flower for months and - get this - she doesn't require deadheading. Never thought I'd reach this conclusion, but the white ones are actually prettier. Though they were truly dead as doornails on the sale table. The pinkies bounced back with a drink of water. Which prompts me to ask the age old question once again: Why don't flower shops water their flowers?

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