Friday, April 17, 2009

Barts Best and Other Booty!

This flower bouquet is resting in a shot glass about the size of a quarter. It's a collection of the micro-mini flowers currently blooming in my sunny window.

I've said this before though it bears repeating. Good things really do come in small packages. One quick trip to Tiffany's should convince you of that. This miniature flower bouquet was my bribe ~ for free passage into the most highly anticipated event of the season.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor the fact that I have not (as yet) paid this year's Master Gardening Club dues could keep me from...

Plant Swap Night! Where the price is so right! As in totally free, carefully coddled little seedlings from some of Utah's best growers.

After last year's free for all the powers that be decided on a saner way to manage the chaos. They broke us into small groups so no one got hurt when we ransacked the seedling tables.

Personally, I prefer the Filene's Basement approach. Sure, I'm proud of the fact I scored a Black from Tula heirloom tomato. Who wouldn't be???

But, I'd be extra proud if I had a black eye to show for it! Plant Swap Night is way more fun when you're scuffling with another gardener over a special seedling.

It may not look like much but I risked life and limb to score this booty:

Anna Russian heirloom tomato, Bart's Best personally hybridized totally tasty tomato, Black from Tula heirloom tomato, Sun Sugar baby tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, garlic, red salvia.

Plus a cute little pot of Forget Me Nots. Because even if I don't get around to paying my Master Gardener dues - rest assured - I'll be crashing this party again... same time, next year.


KC said...

They still look beautiful this morning, and the jasmine fragrance fills the room from that one tiny bloom. Thanks for sharing.
Come the $15.00 would ya. We need the money to buy all those great treats.

Kate said...

Oh, I don't know... $15 could buy a lovely bottle of pinot noir...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good stuff. Do you plan to share this bootie with your neighbors? - kris

Rod said...

Hi !
In case you were wondering, I've been off-line due to a trojan. I am now signed up as a loyal follower.
PS: That's not a shot glass, it's a cordial glass; And what do you mean, "$15.00 buys a lovely Pinot Noir"? $50.00 buys a lovely Pinot Noir, $15 buys that California crap.
- Your know-it-all brother

Kate said...

How can you concomitantly be the smartest and the dumbest guy I know? :)
- k

Kate said...

Oh, and ps: if you owned a mac those things would never happen.