Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wild Lupines and the Not Karner Butterfly

Wild Lupines growing by a roadside in Northern Minnesota.

I spent my formative years in Siberia. Aka Minnesota. About the only thing people talk about in Minnesota is the weather.

How it was 100 below zero last night and how it might warm up to 80 below zero sometime soon and oh, yah, you betcha... Chances are good we can take our coats off for about 5 minutes in August.

When it's time to start swatting mosquitoes.

I've tried for years to find something positive to say about Minnesota. Not because the Dept. of Tourism is suing me. Because I have plenty of Minnesota friends who get cranky when I rant and rave about why I hate that state.*

So, here goes. There is one wonderful thing about Minnesota:
Those glorious Wild Lupines that happily speckle the highways and byways in late May and early June.

Wild Lupines are the life source of the Karner Blue Butterfly.

When I found blue butterflies in my garden last summer, I was certain sure they were Karners. Though that, like most everything I'm certain sure about, would surely turn out to be wrong.

Karner Butterflies don't live in Utah.

[This is a photo of my blue butterfly. I would be forever grateful if someone could tell me his name and what he likes to eat for dinner.]

I purchased Wild Lupine seed to grow the wildflowers that feed my non-existent Blue Karner Butterflies! I'm moving ahead with this plan in spite of the fact they won't become a meal for anyone special.

Soon these little darlings will grow up to look like the lovely ladies in the above photos.

* I don't hate Minnesota. I hate that state's bitterly cold winters. Mostly I hate the fact that joint warmed up considerably as soon as I moved out. Some folks blame that on global warming but I'm pretty sure it's because of me.

* There are plenty of other wonderful things about Minnesota. Take Madeline Island, for example. I mean, that place is incredible! Except that it's in Wisconsin. I rest my case.

* Dear Jane: This one's for you! :D


Wunx~ said...

Your little blue butterfly some species of Euphilotes, I suspect a Western Square-dotted Blue Euphilotes battoides.

Kate said...

Geez. When did you get so smart? :D Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

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Ian said...

What a great name for as blog. It would also make a good title for a novel, like Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

thismngardener said...

Thanks for the dedication! But are you saying that I rant??
That is one gorgeous butterfly. Especially for a nonexistent one.
[move back any time!]

Kate said...

No, no, Jane - You're not a ranter. Or, a raver! :D

Aanee @ Flower Delivery Dublin said...

thats an excellent little gardening tip.
Thanks from Ireland

Aanee xxx
Flowers Dublin

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I did some blue butterfly surveys this summer in Oregon and I would safely say that your butterfly is a Glaucon Blue- Euphilotes glaucon. - I found them all over lupines!

Anonymous said...

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