Monday, May 25, 2015

Aching Back

Yeah, yeah... I know. Blowing the seeds from a dead Dandelion is big fun. But, you could you please blow them in the opposite direction of my beloved garden? :D

Raking, hoeing, weeding, mowing...

Schlepping hundreds of pounds of compost and mulch...

Digging halfway to China to find the roots of a stubborn dandelion...

Whoever thinks gardening is 'easy labor' hasn't toiled in my yard.

According to the calorie count website, this hard day's work burned off:

  • 3 Big Macs
  • 6 Snicker bars  
  • OR! 10 glasses of wine. (Now you're talkin'... :-)

I live across the road from a wild meadow. So, there is absolutely no possibility to rid my garden of the Dandelion plague.

However! I have found that vinegar works better, safer, cheaper than chemicals. And, they fear to tread where I've done a fine job of amending the soil. So, baby your flowers and at the same time, you'll be babying the Dandelions. To death. :-)

* Dandelions spread 2 ways - airborne seeds and deep roots. Yup, they're perennials, so if you really want to be rid of them, dig up the entire root. And, they bloom twice a year - in spring and autumn - just to keep you on your toes. 

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Rilly said...

I live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of open ground so I too have all the pretty flowering weeds to contend with, but it still beats city living, and dandelions are really a pretty flower....until they go to seed. ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness... you got dandelion whine! I am too old for hard work gardening. Dandelions are delicious greens and those glorious flowers make dandelion wine. Guess I like em too much cuz my country garden doesn't seem to have em anymore. Dandelion roots make coffee too. I borrowed some seed from my friend in the suburbs this summer and I am hoping for a new crop. Those wild Violets that are a terrible plague? Best salad greens ever and no oxalic acid to cause stones like spinach. Stop and drink the (dandelion) wine, chicklet.