Friday, December 26, 2008

Over the River & Through the Woods...

This teeny tiny house is not a house at all. It's the clever entry way to a hidden log cabin.

Our Christmas dinner destination took us over the river, through the deep woods, then high into the snowy mountains along a precarious path called Trapper's Loop.

Once you walk through the tiny house entry way, you discover the real mountain cabin, nestled in the trees.

Why go to such great lengths for Christmas Dinner? It's the annual reunion of good friends from near and far. Some are happy to drive half a day just to savor Beverly's amazing prime rib. (Bob cooked it one year and, well, we're not ever gonna let him do that again. :)

Standing room only at Bob & Bev's.

Their cozy log cabin is designed around an eclectic kitchen where talented friends [aka volunteer chefs] labor all day long on our behalf.

Glorious aromas wafting from the kitchen had us all a bit giddy with anticipation.

On top of being an incredible cook, Bev is also an extraordinary gardener. The big, green plant in the above photo is an Avocado tree.

Remember when it was a fun fad to stick toothpicks into an Avocado pit, set it in water to see if it would root? Well... her's grew plenty of roots. And, now it's about 20 feet tall!

Bev keeps African Violets alive and brightly blooming, year after year, too. Someday I shall corner this gal and discover all her secrets. In the meantime, we'll simply enjoy the fond memories of another great Christmas at - the closest thing any of us have to a - Grandma's House.


KC said...

That looks like a perfect spot to celebrate Christmas.

Granny J said...

What a wonderful Merry Christmas. Does her avocado tree ever bear fruit? I suppose that would be too much to expect!

Kate said...


We got into a big discussion on the Avocado tree. It will bear fruit on a low snow year. [The front of the actual cabin including the ceiling is mostly glass.] But they've got 10 feet of snow already and the roof is buried, so no sunshine pours in. She's not expecting blossoms, much less fruit.

Kate said...

Although I should probably mention that's not a bad thing. If you're a skier, all that snow is quite lovely!!! :D