Monday, June 17, 2013

7 Fab Reasons to Plant Bearded Iris

 1) Those fabulous, fabulous ruffles.

 2) The crazy-ass colors!

 3) They're as close to an outdoor Orchid as this mountain gardener has ever found.

 4) They are unbelievably waterwise.

 5) They weed themselves. {Gotta love that!}

 6) They come in every color of the rainbow.

 7) They bloom earlier than most of my mountain perennials.

Did I say seven? Actually, it's eight. I forgot to mention how gorgeous they are!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

No rest for the wicked.

Mom's Heirloom Roses are blooming up a storm.
 Got an email yesterday: Did you quit blogging? Asks the sender...  What? Me? Quit blogging? Where would she get that lame-brained idea?

Mom's Heirloom Bearded Iris ~ with Dame's Rocket. Clearly Mom loved yellow. Me, too.
So, I popped over to visit the now, officially, re-named Ye Olde Neglected Blog and since I haven't posted in ~ geez~ a couple of weeks?  I'd have to say.. Why, yes, indeedy, I have quit blogging!  

Not intentionally.

You see, there are weeds to pull, horses to ride, fountains to fix, lawns to mow, seedlings to transplant. Bizzy days.

No rest for the wicked. Or, the wicked gardener, for that matter.  Seeing as how I've been on a massive killing spree.

Remind me never to vacation in May when I should be patrolling the flower beds for pesky weeds. I think they were celebrating that whole 'ding dong, the witch is dead' thing until they saw me show up. With. My. Spade.

Montana: Beautiful state but a pretty dumb name for this stunning flower.

And, now those pesky weeds are all dead. Until tomorrow. When they rise again.

Columbine, with Jacob's Ladder sadly set against the silly color I painted my house.
Breathe deep. Let it soak in for a moment!

It is { finally } gardening time in the mountains. Yeah.... yeah... I know... June is a sadly late time to begin celebrating summer but that's just the way we roll. On June 15th, it's sorta springtime and no where near summer in the mountains. We're just picking up steam at 7,000 feet altitude.

PS! Notice all the close up photos? Best way to pretend your poor, poor, pitiful gardens are not beset with weeds....