Monday, June 16, 2008

Bleeding Hearts

One happy acre of gardening opportunities... and 4 square feet of shade.

Which is why the teeny tiny bit of cool, quiet shade I do own is full to overflowing with these.

Don't tell my other flowers, but I secretly think the Japanese Bleeding Heart is the most spectacular perennial in my garden. (Get up close and personal with the flowers to appreciate her clever creations.)

In my mind, nothing compares to the perfection of this shady lady.
Like most women, Bleeding Hearts are tougher than they look, thriving as far north as Alaska.

About the only thing she doesn't like is dry soil. On the hottest of days in my high plains desert, I sometimes find her draped over the water fountain, keeping cool.

* In the mountains, D. spectabilis (Japanese Bleeding Heart) blooms in June, hardy to USDA Zone 3, goes dormant in the heat of summer. After blooming, I chop mine back to soil level.


Wunx~ said...

Mine puts out scruffy, ferny leaves most of the summer. I figure if it's going to keep trying, I'm not going to quash its attmpts...

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I plant some caladiums with mine. By the time they die back in Summer, the caladiums are ready to take their place.

lifebetweentheflowers said...

Great to see these bleeding hearts(dicentra) doing so well. I grow them here in Hampshire UK. loved reading your blog.