Sunday, April 28, 2024

Utah Tulip Festival

* Scroll to the bottom of this post for tips on visiting the Utah Tulip Festival.

On the one sunny day, in between the recent rains, I took a long drive to tiptoe through 55 acres of Tulips. 

I can count on one hand the number of Tulips blooming in my own garden - that number is one. ↑ This one. Because it's cleverly hidden in a planter on a second story deck so critters can't reach it, to eat it.

Here, in Utah, we have what is called a burrowing ground squirrel, who dearly loves to eat my Tulips. Locals call this animal a Pot Gut. Every spring I like to call them little bastards. 

Hence the motivation to drive to Lehi, Utah, to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival.

If you and your friends have ever entertained the notion of taking a spring Tulip Trip, you might want to pay Utah a visit. 

Logistically, it's so much easier than the Michigan Tulip Festival. < Which is a great festival! 

The Utah Festival involves lots less driving.

We're not nearly as impressive as the Keukenhof Gardens. But like I said. Logistics! You don't have to fly to the Netherlands to enjoy the pretty flowers.

I have maybe 200 tulip pics clogging up my phone at the present moment. Thought you might enjoy taking a peek at some of the better ones.

If you're planning to visit this season - hurry up. Tulips are blooming 30 days ahead of schedule. Some are already past peak bloom time. 

We've had a hot, dry spring which does not bode well for the upcoming gardening season. 

Took this day trip, immersing myself in these beautiful flowers, because I think it's a really good idea to get out of your head now and then.

Last night, a young woman in her 20's, sent out what sounded, to me, like a distress call. [From the tone of her voice.] 

"Women over 40 give one piece of advice to women in their 20's." 

Tiktok being the place that it is... responses included Women's Rights protests, Israel-Hamas war protests, political marches, product and company bans. All worthy causes. [Just FYI - the GardenTok part of Tiktok is wonderful. I learn a new trick every time I watch their videos.]

I told her to breathe.  

Naturally no one listened to me. Americans are very angry. They have every right to be. But it can feel exhausting. And I still feel I have a valid point. 

Breathe. Ignore the news for the entire day. Take a walk among the tall trees. Or better yet. A flower field. 

It is very, very easy to become overwhelmed with the negativity in the news, all around the world, right now. And while I don't believe it's wise to behave like those proverbial Ostriches -- who have never, ever, put their heads in the sand. I do believe it's important to Breathe. To take a deep breath. And step outside. Enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds you.

You might be surprised how good that makes you feel.

TIPS: Utah Tulip Festival AKA Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. Located 30 miles from the Salt Lake City airport.

  • Plug ASHTON GARDENS into your phone for directions. If you use Thanksgiving Point, phone maps will send you to the wrong place.
  • Resist the urge to arrive at 10:00 a.m. Everybody shows up at that time, parking can be a nightmare.
  • Allow at least 3 hours to see all the beautiful flowers they have to offer.
  • And make darn sure.. you set aside extra time to have lunch at the Trellis Cafe.