Thursday, February 09, 2023

The Story of the Vortex

Flowers! Outdoors! Oh yay! We've finally driven far enough south for it to feel like spring. 

What do you mean this Airbnb is $1,000 a night? It was $125 bucks a night when I last looked! 

It's the Super Bowl! Everybody is coming to Phoenix the weekend you want to be here! What???

Not being a football enthusiast - and even less so after I saw how the Super Bowl was destroying my travel budget - by inflating the rental prices in Phoenix...  

We took another detour on our Let's Go South to Warm Up impromptu vacation. 

Headed to Sedona. 

Vortex areas in and around Sedona are said to bring about self-awareness and spiritual healing. 

Native Americans believe that a spiritual transformation occurs more easily in Sedona because the veils to other dimensions are more translucent and accessible. 

Found the perfect place. A room with a fabulous view.

I had a 'spiritual transformation' the moment I pulled into town. No snow + the first glimpse of some outdoor flowers. In case you're wondering... I live in a ski resort and we've had 300 inches of snow during this insane winter. I love snow. But I also love leaving it far behind.

I've visited Sedona 14 times ~ and yet I've never spent any time, at all, in Sedona.

Not just a view. A view and a fireplace. Which helped with the disappointment. Because it was freezing here, too.

We used to travel to Sedona every spring. 

Brought our horses to the Caballos del Sol ride, where we could forget about the mountains of snow back home ~ while trotting through those breathtaking red rock canyons. 

When your travel buddy weighs 1,400 pounds (I love saying that because it instantly lets me off the hook when I think I should go on a diet) you're not allowed the luxury of leaving the horses behind, driving into Sedona, and doing the one thing I always wanted to do there. 

Shop. The stores are amazing and I'm pretty sure I could find all kinds of things I don't need. Like this! ↓↓ 

I have absolutely no use for this. But it's turquoise! 

Sedona is speckled with vortex areas - each radiating its own particular energy. 

The vortex, in downtown Sedona, is incredibly powerful. You feel yourself pulling your credit card out of your purse. Oftentimes you have no idea why. 

The excitement over 'no snow' lasted all of one day.

The True Story of The Vortex

Do you believe in magic? Divine intervention? "Woo-woo" experiences? Yeah, me neither. 

√ Although I thought it was rather magical that I managed to score a place to stay in Sedona, at the last minute, with a stunning view and a fireplace!

Science plays a huge role in how we view the universe. Yet. There are times when I wonder if we behave cautiously - claim certain oddities couldn't possibly be true - because we don't want to embarrass ourselves by admitting we believe. Subjecting ourselves to ridicule because of our beliefs. And also because lots of really cool things are downright impossible to prove. 

Or. Are they?

Sedona really does feel as if it's 'alive' with a special type of energy.

A long time ago, I visited Sedona with the gal who would ultimately become my freelance business partner. We had argued for almost a year on how to make this work. Young and strong and very fit at the time, we hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock. 

* I would not recommend this. Go shopping. That's loads more fun.

At the top, we rested, dangling our legs over the ledge, talking about The Freelance Business. The one we couldn't agree on. The problem-solving ideas flowed out of us, like water from a teapot. In the span of 30 minutes, we solved all the major roadblocks. And we have not swayed from that business plan in 25 years.

When we got back to town, we had drinks in a local bar. Still in awe that we figured this all out so easily, we mentioned this to some of the locals. They nodded their heads, saying: Oh, yes, clarity of thought. That's a big one up there. 

So, yeah, I don't know. Maybe that's all the proof we need. Strange, magical things happen all the time. Becoming a freelancer vastly improved my life. Allowed me to retire early. If we can credit a big, red rock for that clarity, I'm perfectly happy to do so!

Friday, February 03, 2023

I Never Know Where I'm Going ~ 'Til I Get There

Bryce Canyon in Winter.

Covid taught me sit still. Which is pretty darn hard to do! When you're plagued with nervous energy as I am. My Grandma used to call it The Wiggies. Always restless. Can't sit still. She understood because she was the same way. That's why I was a perpetual traveler. Until Covid demanded I sit still. 

Then Delta Airlines clinched the deal by showing me just how absolutely horrible airline travel has become, post-pandemic.

These days we much prefer road trips.

Queen's Garden in Bryce.
Oh my gods it was cold there! 

All I did was give your Mother a nudge out the door. < That's what I assumed Lou might tell my daughter when they filed the Missing Persons report. 

Laughing about that when Charlie & I were the only two slip-sliding down the icy Navajo Trail. Bryce was the first detour on our impromptu road trip - to warmer temperatures.

Coffee and donuts are quite popular in Kanab, Utah.
I could live here forever.

It all started when Lou, who lives in sunny San Diego, called me up, mentioning that he was desperate to do some skiing. [I live in a ski resort.] 

I was desperate to get as far out of the snow as we could drive. After one brief phone call it was all settled! He could be my house sitter and we could take a road trip to Bisbee, Arizona.

We always stay in the wonderful Cameron Lodge, Navajo Nation, on the outskirts of Marble Canyon.

I've traveled this road so many times. For most folks, it's a one-day drive to Phoenix where you are pretty much guaranteed warm weather. [Though most folks never take the backroads.]

And I always do it alone. Perhaps that's because I'm 1) anti-social, 2) prone to detours, 3) willing to stop every 5 minutes to take a picture.  #1 - definitely not. Yes, to #2 and #3.

But it's much simpler than that. I just don't like people bitching at me. 'Normal' people would be pacing around that silly coffee shop, in Kanab, nervously checking the time on their phone. "We’re behind schedule! It will be dark soon!" < You’re an adult. Why are you afraid of the dark?

Charlie Waffles needs a bath.

These days, I prefer to travel with the one guy who never complains. Who greatly appreciates 3 detours in one long day. And is perfectly happy with whatever crazy notion pops into my head.

You won't see a sign directing you to this overlook. 
But if you drive 75.6 miles from the donut shop, you'll see the turnoff.

Cuddled up in our hotel room, in the middle of nowhere, listening to the microwave spin and hum, cooking one of our emergency meals (that I always pack, because I'm not a complete dummy,) I smiled. Thinking about Janet. And her spaghetti alfredo, in Croatia. She brought that pre-packaged meal with her from Park City. It traveled across Italy. And France. Waiting patiently in her suitcase. Just in case we encountered a situation when it would come in handy. And it did. 

That’s probably why we're such great friends. Sometimes I feel as if we’re the last two people on the planet (that I know) who appreciate these wild lands. And enjoy the magic so easily discovered, when you embrace those 'inconvenient' detours.