Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: The Mouse Hunter

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pesky Pests

'Twas a winter wonderland out on my deck this morning! :))  Probably looks frigid but it was 30 degrees ~ warm enough for this snow lover to stand there with the door wide open, enjoying a cup o' my famous cowgirl coffee. (More accurately, that cowgirl coffee is infamous. I'm a devout lover of French Roast and the blend is too strong for most anyone but me.)

I was delighted to see the snow. The epic cold, followed by unnaturally warm days, was really messing with my mood.

It is January, after all. My snowshoes are begging for attention.

And, so are my windowsill flowers. I gave everyone a might soak this morning.

While I was doing so I spotted the first intruder. My bugs are back. Geez! That didn't take too long.

I moved recently, just a few months ago, and so I took that grand opportunity to de-bug all of my plants. Cut them back, re-potted, and in many cases, just kicked 'em to the curb, if the infestation was too much. This is the first time, in 10 years, that I've been without a Plumeria blossom. :(

No one in their right mind nurtures roses indoors ~ unless they're fortunate enough to have a fabulous greenhouse, which I do not. It's a guaranteed bug fiesta. But what's a gal to do? Micro-Mini Roses are my one weakness...

Coffee Grounds:
The reason it's hard to get rid of those gnat-like bugs is because the little devils are nesting in your soil. Now back to that cowgirl coffee I was talking about earlier in the post...  my friends hate my coffee and so do the bugs. Spread used coffee grounds on top of the potting soil. Bugs won't nest in that PLUS used coffee grounds make a great fertilizer for flowering plants.

I've got gnats on my mind but there are lots of other pesky buggers out to mess with your indoor flowers..

Shower Time is a great way to rid yourself of aphids. Set beloved houseplants in the shower to wash off these nasty bastards.  

I've had good luck with apple cider vinegar. (Set a small cup of it near your potted plants.) There is, of course, a wide array of chemical sprays you could use, but some of them are so toxic they could kill your cat.

* If bugs were as cute as these pictures, I probably wouldn't mind. Here's an i.d. of the most common criminals:
  • Aphids: Persistent little green, brown, black bugs that collect on new plant growth. 
  • Mealy Bugs: White fluffy stuff collecting on plant stems.
  • Scale: Hard brown shell hides a despicable character inside. 
  • Spider Mites: Little spider webs appear on flowers and leaves.

Good luck with your de-bugging and stay warm, my friends.

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Hawk Sighting

This handsome fella was watching me, while I was visiting the horses.

Can you tell the diff between an Eagle, and a Hawk? I can't. Though I think this is a hawk, because of how long he soars ~ back and forth ~ over the meadow. Preying on thos those pesky rodents that plague my garden. (Therefore I love him!) Eagles tend to sit still and then dive bomb those buggers.

We don't have much in the way of beautiful song birds in this rugged country. But, I think he is absolutely gorgeous. :)

Thursday, January 08, 2015


This impressive fellow was keeping an eye on me while I visited the horses. One of the things I'll always miss about living in the country.

'Tis a balmy 48 degrees! One week after it was 10 below zero. Windows are open, breeze blowing in. I hear the drip, drip of icicles melting away after 7 short days of real winter.

Sable has the best view of local ski resorts, but she doesn't seem to care. Way more interested in a cookie.
As the weather warmed, I scurried over to the stables to take the coats off the horses. They were super friendly and kind of sassy ~ kicking up their heels and running in the snow, free from the trappings of their emergency winter attire.

If the moose gets a coat, why can't the horse?

People have very fierce opinions about coats on horses.

Some say it's the worst thing in the world to do. Others claim you're terrible if you don't dress 'em up.

I take my cues from the horse. I mean... after all... who are you to pass judgement? She's the gal standing outside all night long. When the temps hit 15 degrees below zero (unheard of around these parts) I had her decked out like Randy from that great movie, A Christmas Story.

And, she seemed quite delighted with the added warmth.

I don't get this weather but then I guess nobody gets the weather. It's just all crazy, all the time.

I've filled the new house with gorgeous Amaryllis bulbs.

I will say I love January, though. Be it bitterly cold or blessedly balmy.. I don't really care.

I love it because it's quiet. Because the holidays are over and all that silly stress is behind us.

English Ivy will be transplanted outdoors, come summer.
Plus, I'm not behind on anything. An absolute rarity for this over-worked fool. I can linger with the horses. Kill time at the coffee shop. Putz around with my flowers.

Another stunning Amaryllis
And, work on some grand plans for the upcoming garden season. Which feels oddly close now that it's 48 degrees outside.

Did you make New Years resolutions? I made one. Yup. Just one. To be evil and self-serving throughout 2015.

Oh, I'm just kidding. I made this one:

I'd like this to be my new business card but I doubt anyone would be fool enough to hire me. :)

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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Funny Side of the Street

This is what it looks like out my window when it is 6 degrees below zero.
New Year's Day. A New Year! A blank slate! Anything can happen. And, it probably will.

I like watching birds out my window. Though I'm not too savvy on the subject. This is the red one.
'Twas an excruciating long year and I have high hopes for a better 2015. I kicked it off okay. By kicking the cigarettes down the toilet around 7 p.m. last night. Surprised? Everyone is. NO ONE knew.

We all have our dirty little secrets. Some of us keep those secrets pretty close to the vest.

So far, I’m not having any difficulty ~ though when you’re a pro at quitting - as I am - you know that bliss will never last. I think I've succumbed to stress, and taken up smoking, 25 times in my short life. Which means I'm working on quit smoking #26.

Yeah. I got it down. In another few days I'll be going through some anger issues that makes Charlie Sheen look like a pussy cat. If you see me out and about? Beeline it to the opposite side of the street.


As I sit here on my blank slate New Year's morning of 2015.... the thing that keeps running through my head is this:   

If I were to blog about my true life vs. the pretty flower part of my life? I'd have 200,000 followers on Twitter, not a measly 2. :)

Oh, the happy love of flowers is real. I could not survive without a daily dose of gardening. But, I'm pretty good at ignoring real life. Because some of it is not that appealing.

And, let's face it. After 8 years of blogging. Seriously! Eight years!

I'm not blogging. I'm flogging. I'm flogging that proverbial dead horse to death. I've said everything there is to say about flowers.

So, let's talk about Dave. Er... I mean Charise.

Just so ya know... When it comes to me and Christmas I'm very much an It's A Wonderful Life kinda gal. I simply adore those traditional 1940's movies. I prefer pine cones over tinsel trees... you get the conservative picture.


My surprise when my real estate agent showed up for the big Christmas Eve Bash as a woman! In knee high black boots, nicely done make up (loved his/her shade of lipstick - it was perfect with his/her skin tone...  I'm serious! I rarely get that stuff right...) and a blonde wig! He's bald. Or, she's bald. Well...somebody's bald! At least they used to be.

What the hell??

I cannot stop thinking about him. I mean her.

As New Year's Eve approaches, we all run around chanting this phrase -- A new year! A new me!

And, he she actually did it.

Okay, fine. I just have to say it one more time. What the hell??  And, here I was worried people might judge me for enjoying a cigarette, now and then...

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I don't know Professor Canning but I've always loved this quote. If you're looking for guidance on a New Year's resolution this could be it.