Sunday, December 21, 2008

Window Shopping

4 days 'til Christmas and the only thing sitting under the tree is a cat. He's been weighing the pros and cons all month. Climb it? And, risk the wrath of the gal who's in charge of this joint? Or, be a well-behaved kitty in high hopes she'll come through with fresh Catnip on Christmas Eve.

We're not giving Christmas gifts this year. At least, not how we have in the past. We drew names. Limited the price on that one gift... Blah, blah, blah....

Or, should I say Bah? As in Bah Humbug? I was the one lobbying to minimize gift giving.

Did I wreck Christmas? I know in my heart this is a grand idea. But, as I head into the final stretch I find myself secretly (selfishly?) parked in front of the computer drooling over all sorts of things I wouldn't mind opening on Christmas Eve.

Like this gorgeous book, Egg & Nest, by a favorite artist, Rosamond Purcell.

Or, this thing. A Garden of Wishes flower kit filled with seeds that have special meaning. Sunflower = joy, Calendula = energy, Cosmos = fun, Lavender = pleasure, Bellflower = relax, French Marigold = dream, Zinnia = hope, Snow in Summer = peace. How cool is that?

Everyone needs a Camellia Bonsai.

Camellias! So beautiful plus they bloom for months on end.

Repeat after me:
his is window shopping, only window shopping... Stop fondling that credit card!

Now here's one I can afford but I should probably just steal the idea and make my own:

A year-round windowsill garden. Isn't that darling?

It comes with seed packets for a dozen happy bloomers: Petunias, Marigolds, Pansies, Lobelia, Alyssum, Zinnias, Impatiens, Baby's Breath, Dianthus, Cosmos, Poppies and Sweet Peas.


What is missing from my greedy gotta have it gift list?

Ah, yes...

The pony.


Scott said...

We are also doing limited gift giving this year. Which is compounded with the giving being functional items that would have been bought come Spring (shoes, gardening tools, a radio that works) so I can feel where you are coming from. But we are doing this to meet our long term goals more quickly. I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I look at something and think it should come home with.

It's hard not to after 30 years of unrestricted spending.

Granny J said...

Pretty pretty camellia and window pots except too small to survive in a dry, dry climate with me in charge -- give me BIG house pots! Merry Christmas, Kate!

KC said...

Well Kate, I told you about my functional idea so I will pass it to your readers. I bought each of my 12 neighbors bags of environmentally friendly ice melt and am going to include a note:
Tis the Season
For snow and sleet
We hope this helps
To keep you on your feet.
If I were more brave I would write:
Tis the Season
For walks slick as glass
We hope this helps to keep you
From slipping on your ***!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey .. this is great window shopping and yes .. that credit card seems to sing out when I see something wonderful .. but it is behaving itself for the most part ? LOL
Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year : )

Kate said...

Thanks. Merry Christmas to all of you, too. :-)