Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buck 99 Worth of Joy

Johnny Jump Ups is a much cuter name for Tri-Color Violas.

"My dearest Kate - You are not only a hypocrite. You are also an annoying Pollyanna.* I hate the snow and I hate you, too."

~ much love Ellen

Some say it takes a big person to admit they are wrong. I believe it just requires an inbox full of 'you idiot' emails.

Which is what I came home to yesterday afternoon. Had no idea I'd piss off so many people by blogging about how I don't mind the snow.

"Did you even bother to look at the weather report? It's not 'temporary."

So, okay! I'll admit it! I am not that thrilled about a new foot of snow! I thought it was going to melt away in an hour or two. I thought the moisture might inspire the Daffodils to bloom. Instead it's freezing cold this a.m. and the snow is here to stay.

On the upside, the little packet of Viola seeds I planted 2 months ago are blissfully pretending it's spring. (Indoors)

This one's for you, E:

I've got a major soft spot for little Johnny Jump Ups. Always billed as full sun annuals, they're secretly zone 4 perennials who flower ecstatically indoors and out.

* Pollyanna was the inventor of the Glad Game. Give it a try. It's infinitely more productive than sending me hate mail! :D


KC said...

That's more like it. The @#?! snow on my tulips here in the valley is not the view I want to see outside my window on the @#?! 16th of April! (insert whatever adjectives you find appropriate. I have my own.)

Lauren Mueller said...

Whatever, haters. If you want to embrace the snow, go ahead and do it, mom! It's Utah. It snowed the day before my June high school graduation. I've had July camping trips snowed out. Tell them all to get over it and by the way, Pollyanna was an awesome movie ;)

Kind of.

Kate said...

Thanks, babe! :D

Photos 01 said...

I don't want snow when I want to plant! I want to plant a lot of flower seeds so I'll be able to pick a lot of flowers to photograph.

Have you tried picking some of your beautiful flowers and making still life images out of them?

That's what I explain at my blog page at - today I explained about a still life image I did on the wild flower "chicory." Yesterday I showed a still life image of peonies and wrote about the process.


Sunflower Ranch said...

I sympathize with your hating snow!! I'm up in Washington state and suffering from a similar problem with freezing or below at night weeks after our usual end date. My front porch holds 6 huge pots of hanging fuchsias and when the temp dips we have to take them down, set on plastic, cover with plastic, newspaper and cloth. They stopped blooming they were so traumatized. A friend had to replant her peas twice already because of the freeze-outs. Definitely weird weather throughout the West. I love your Johnny Jump Ups! They are thriving and are just adorable! Hang in there, it will probably be an oppressively hot summer with its own set of horrible problems. :(

Kate said...

Well, at least you get to plant Sunflower. My 'safe' planting date this year is June 15th. At that rate, my tomatoes will be harvested around Thanksgiving! :(

Johnny Earl Dawkins, Jr. said...

the last thing in the world i'm going to get my panties into a bundle over is the only thing i cannot control -- the weather. it takes a true inventor to adapt. nice work, Kate!

Kate said...

Thanks, John Boy!

Besides... who cares about gardening when we have 2 new horses to train?

Are you ready to ride? Phantom and Smokey were asking about you yesterday. :D