Monday, April 13, 2009

Saffron Crocus

Saffron Crocus

It was touch and go for awhile, there, but I did manage to survive The Vegetarian Easter Dinner.

I am not a veg, nor do I ever believe I could become a veg. (Bacon makes my world go 'round.) But, I'm a pretzel, I can bend. And, I also know when I'm licked. The vegetarians drew the longest straw and so it was eggplant instead of prime rib.

The highlight of this odd Easter adventure was discovering a brand new career path while I was hanging out in the spice aisle. I reached for a teeny, tiny container of Saffron and about fell over when I saw the $17.00 price tag. Alas, too late to grow my own.

Saffron is just the dried red stamens of this very pretty autumn crocus. I'm thinking of planting an entire patch of them ~ they're beautiful, very water wise, and if I could sucker all my vegetarian friends into purchasing the harvested saffron, I could pay off this house in no time.

Eggplant Saffron Gratin is what I made for Easter dinner. Even a $17 dollar spice couldn't do the trick. It was awful!


Wunx~ said...

Uh, Kate, hate to be the one to inject a note of reality into the fantasy, but do you have any idea how many safron stamens it takes to make an ounce of the golden spice?

Kate said...

I do now! So much for that get rich quick scheme. Thanks for raining on my parade. :D

It takes 225,000 hand-picked stigmas from the saffron crocus to make a single pound of saffron, the world's most expensive spice.

Granny J said...

In my corner of the world, the question is, How fond are the javelina of saffron on the hoof, so to speak?

Kate said...

'Tween you and Wunx I'm learning a lot today. So, javelinas are kind of cute. You need to do a photo session with them!