Friday, April 24, 2009

Terrorizing the Tulips!

If you're a local, the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival is just about the prettiest place you can visit during April.

Acres and acres of brightly blooming tulips and flowering trees.

Some people make a quiet day of it... They pack a picnic lunch, relax beside a babbling brook and stroll leisurely throughout the gardens.

OR!! You can take the Fast & Furious Tulip Tour! As in renting Segways and scooting around the grounds like hell on wheels!

I barely even looked at those tulips (too busy trying to stay upright on my Segway!) But, I'm going back soon to behave myself and take some decent photos.

* Thanksgiving Point Gardens (Lehi, Utah) is located south of Salt Lake City on interstate 15. Tulip Festival runs through May 2nd. Segway Championships begin the second you slap down $20 bucks for some big fun.

** It was all good until I segwayed into a hole. But, I landed on my head, so no harm done!


OmegaMom said...

Oh my goodness! Did you *really* rent a Segway?! How was it?!

The tulips are beautiful. They're blooming down by GrannyJ, too. Nothing here, of course. :-( Ah, maybe in a few more weeks.

Kate said...

Yes! We really did! And, I've got the scars to prove it. If you're coordinated they are safe and easy. It's when you decide to go 'off roading' and take shortcuts that you run into trouble. :D

Wunx~ said...

After your horse adventures, a spill from a Segway should be nothing...

Granny J said...

I'm sure that inventor had me in mind when he came up with the Segway, tho I've yet to see one here in Prescott.

vuejardin said...

Gorgeous tulips