Sunday, July 05, 2009

Gingersnap and Tater Salad Tips

We celebrated 4th of July on the 2nd. This town did fireworks on the 3rd. By last night when most parties were in full swing, I was so weary of the festivities I got on my bike and took a peddle down the old ranch road.

Past one of the last 'real' farm houses left around here. One that somehow resisted the temptation to sell off, to be torn down and re-built as ~ yet another ~ big, fancy mansion. (If that ever does happen I doubt it would occur to the contractor to save this magnificent rose bush ~ much less the cool, old fence.)

Straw Flowers (aka Bachelor Buttons) are a great quick fix for wild areas. This is their second summer.

Holiday highlights were few. I managed to screw up the potato salad. Which is kind of the shock of the world. An embarrassing moment for self AND country seeing as how I'm [allegedly] 100% Irish.

Meet Gingersnap. I don't know his real name. But I bike over to see him every evening. It's the highlight of my day.

If you're not Irish then perhaps you're not a tater aficionado. So, let me help you out here. Red potatoes have lots of moisture in them. Russet potatoes do not. Russets roast up crisp, golden brown and dry...

I think he's starting to recognize me but he keeps his distance.

What does all that have to do with great potato salad? If you want to make a name for yourself, with respect to potato salad... you don't boil those taters, you bake 'em! Dice 'em, olive oil 'em, sprinkle liberally with crushed rosemary and roast them 'til they're crisp and delicious.

Then go about the rest of your potato salad recipe however you want.

Just don't forget the pickles.

* Roasting red potatoes doesn't work as well because they contain too much moisture.


KC said...

Your photo of the yellow roses and old house and fence would be a great painting! Ginger snap is darling. What's up with Black Beauty?

Wunx~ said...

Ooh, I wanna try your tater salad!

Kate said...

Bella is doing great. When I'm on her back we have a nice ride. If I put John on her back she behaves like the devil's spawn. And, that's what happened today. So, we're working on things. I miss Smokey. We all do.

Kate said...

'Tis time you girls came up for a BBQ. I shall make the famous tater salad. You can bring the dessert! :)


KC said...

I'm sure you do miss Smokey. It has been a hard time for you and I hope your grief is short and the wonderful memories are long.

Something about those beautiful black horses. TH's Toby has been sent to finishing school after he bucked her off and broke her ribs!

Granny J said...

Around Prescott, those old-time yellow roses are known as "Henderson roses", possibly after the family which brought them to this town. Our local historical museum is hedged with them.

Anonymous said...

Gingersnap sure is a cutie.....
PS I like Yukon gold potatoes.

Kate said...

I like Yukons, too. :)

Anonymous said...

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