Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day ~ December, 2010

 Our front deck. The coffee spot is a tad chilly this morning.

Bloom Day Greetings from Ski Country! 

Where life would be sad, indeed, without a warm, sunny window.

I could not believe my ears this morning when the news reported that it's... the 15th?? 

Huh? I was quite certain I had many more weeks 'til Christmas. (Denial is underrated. When I'm in my denial zone I'm hardly ever stressing out...)

Poinsettia's 3rd Christmas @ Chez Kate

Though I don't why that date was such a surprise. All signs are pointing to the fact that it's later than I thought. Including this 3-year old Poinsettia (grows lush green leaves, outdoors, throughout the summer, comes indoors in September.) She is madly producing festive red leaves in prep for the big day.

The Timely Amaryllis (Most are still in bud stage.)

I should apologize for my long absence from visiting blogs and such sporadic writing on my own humble effort. Life feels a tad out of control this holiday season.

 Edna, the Christmas Cactus I've treasured since college, is laden with bright pink blooms.

But, enough about that...

Discovering that Christmas is only about a week away wasn't the biggest shocker on the news.

I also heard that blogger buddies in the Deep South are shivering mightily while here we are, much farther north, peeling off jackets because of the toasty temps.

 Please don't yawn at Ms. Cyclamen. While as common as Dandelions, she is my second favorite indoor flowering plant. Can't live without her.

Strange days. I hope your tender southern perennials are cozy under heaps of blankets and that these bizarre weather patterns sort themselves out very very soon.

Blinding Pink is the name of the game this holiday season. :D

As always, pay a visit to Carol of May Dream Gardens, the clever inventor of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.


Ramona said...

Kate, at least you have sunshine with your snow! I woke to a foot of snow in my yard this morning. Love your photos of your colorful indoor plants. Aren't they so therapeutic in the winter months? I'm slowly trying to increase my collection of indoor plants for this very reason.

ONG said...

Great photos! Ain't got no blooms here in NJ so living vicariously through everyone else. And that first shot is sick, love it!

Carol said...

Your world is beautiful inside and out! Striking view and your blooms are lively and stunning. Take a deep breath and get back to your preparations for Christmas. Enjoy!

A Garden of Threads said...

What lovely blooms for the christams season. Take care and I hope you get caught up with your chores. Jen

Rose said...

Kate, I haven't had much time for blogging the last few weeks either; Christmas sneaks up faster every year, I swear. Wow, am I impressed that you have a three-year old poinsettia! I've never managed to keep one over the year, but maybe that's partly because I stick it in the basement and forget about it:) You have a gorgeous collection of indoor blooms.

It's not toasty here--just the typical Midwest early deepfreeze:)

lifeshighway said...

You have more blooms in your window than I seem to manage all year in my yard. How beautiful.

I need a green thumb.

Kate said...

Hi, Ramona;
Oh, yes! Much needed therapy. At the onset of winter, I'm always excited for the snow. By March... I definitely need an indoor garden to prevent cabin fever. ;-)

Thanks, ONG!
You sound like a skier....

Hey, Carol;
Deep breath, indeed. It's been a pretty hectic time around these parts. Hope this finds you well.

Thanks, Jenn;
I just need to win the lottery so I can quit my job. Then I'd have plenty of time to do the things I'd rather be doing! :D

Stay warm, Rose!
I watched the weather report last night and it's lookin' pretty chilly in your neck of the woods!

Just plant garden gnomes, LifesHighway! They're cuter anyway...

Wendy said...

oh my gosh - I'm just so stunned by how beautiful everything is. Are you stunned?!

sweetbay said...

Magnificent view from your front porch. Your sunny window looks like Christmas already! Those flowers are gorgeous.

Amy said...

Kate, I love your flowers, every one! The last bright pink job is awesomely translucent.

I know what you mean by Christmas sneaking up - my oldest daughter and I just returned from Maui and I've started making lists of lists! It will be a great one mainly because of sunny memories with my daughter.

Merry Christmas to you and your adorable creatures in your sidebar!

Laurrie said...

That is a view!

That first photo is exactly what I see when I sit on my patio and close my eyes. Mountains, snow, sky. When I open them I see weeds, busy road, electrical lines.... but while my eyes are closed it's gorgeous.

Tanya Boracay said...

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beautiful flower and perfect time for this christmas.

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Sunita said...

Ohhhhh ... droool! Love that cyclamen. No yawns from here, Kate. I'd give 20 of my orchids to be able to grow one cyclamen! ... sigh!

Anonymous said...

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