Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Blaze

Marvelous Mums decorate the autumn garden
 First freezing night. Or, close to it anyway.

 I flipped on the furnace, hauled in the tender plants, and thus ends another delightful summer.

You may be thinking pies, but my horsies are thinking: YUM!
This is a throwback to a kinder, gentler time but do any of you remember that t.v. series Northern Exposure? That was such a cute show and, for some odd reason, a scene from that program popped into my head this morning...

Wolf Creek Ranch
In that particular episode, Maggie was happily preparing for winter. Adding to the wood pile, gathering up a stack of good books, all the while another character was freaking out about the coming of winter.

Desolation Lake
Do you dread the coming of winter? I'm more like the gal happily preparing. She was worn out, after a great, summer season. Embracing the idea of quiet days with nothing much to do. Cuddling next to a fire, getting lost in a great read.

Crabby Apples
I love this time of year. When there is little left to do.

Late to the party Dahlia
Late bloomers live out their final days indoors, in a vase.

Red Anjou Pear
I threaten for the gazillionth time to try my luck with a Pear Flambe...

David Phlox

And, my autumn flowers do their level best to provide one last brilliant burst of color ~ before the snows begin to fly.

Stunning Sedum
* Tip: Save yourself a wee bit o' work this autumn. Leave tall perennials standing. They'll provide winter interest in the garden + the snow will drift around them, creating a thermal blanket, for the roots, on bitterly cold nights.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely flowers & so forth and cute comments, as well. Pear Flambe?? Wow, impressive.