Friday, January 01, 2016

Peaks and Valleys

Fab House ~ Perfect Location!
That's how I listed it on Airbnb.

Ask anyone who knows me ~ in the real world ~ and they would probably say: Well, she’s had a pretty tough year. (Haven't really gotten into most of it on the blog.)

The chilly view from my deck. That's a ski resort in the distance.

And, they’re right. With the loss of humans and pets overshadowing pretty much every highlight that came my way.

This gardener is in desperate need of... Perpetual Summer.

So, if it was such a rotten year... why am I so happy?

Well, for one thing, it’s over.

Isn’t that the beauty of a brand, new year? Clean slate. High hopes for happier days?

Superdog! Braving the elements.

Plus, there’s something hugely exhilarating about being homeless.

Uh huh. Homeless.

2015 Horse Highlight #1: Racing across the White Sands of New Mexico in April.

I could say that I don’t know what got into me but that’s not true. I know exactly what got into me.

The deep, deep desire to see this snow covered life o' mine disappearing in the rearview mirror. 

If only for a little while… 

As a freelancer, I can work from anywhere. All I need is a high speed internet connection.

So, I started shopping around on Airbnb (vacation rentals by owner website) for a nice warm spot in Arizona - where I could escape the cold and snow for the month of February.

I was a bit flabbergasted at how much they wanted for a crappy apartment. Me, being on a budget and all.

Neighbor, Sandy, is delighted that I'm leaving. She gets all of my flowering plants!

But, then it hit me.

Wait a second... I’m doing this all wrong! 

If THEY can rent their houses temporarily, why can’t I?

2015 Horse Highlight #2: Riding Monument Valley with our Navajo Guide. (That's me in the middle.)

So, last Sunday - on a whim - I took 3 photos of the house and posted them on Airbnb. I didn't show the bedrooms because I hadn't made the bed!

2015 Horse Highlight #3: A trip to the Faerie Forest, High Uintas. (Gotta love those spotted Appaloosas!)

I just wanted to see what would happen. Got my first booking in less than an hour. Two days later,  I had rented it for the entire month of February! Which pays for my rental in Arizona, with a wee bit left over for fun in the sun.

Can you believe it?
I’m outta here!
Arizona here we come! :)

Here's hoping you all had a bright & merry holiday season!


Rilly said...

First off I don't blame you for wanting warmer weather...these old bones need it more and more every year, so have a great time. Second....I need to know what that beautiful red spidery plant is, it's absolutely fascinating and gorgeous. But then all of your plants are. Happy New Year Kate. <3

Bonnie K said...

Very very smart! What a great idea.