Monday, July 11, 2016

Space, Relativity, and the Big, Bad Pine

Amazing things began to happen... The very second we dropped the 120 foot tall pine tree ~ that had, long ago, over stayed it's welcome in this tiny yard.

I enjoyed sunlight in my living room, for the first time ever.

I could see the high hills, and mountain tops, off in the distance.

Charlie photo bombs my excellent, new view.

I got a phone call from the neighbors who never talk to me! Because they were mad as hell. The nerve of me, killing a perfectly healthy tree.

The sun shines down on gorgeous Valerian.

It is, I suppose, a horrendous crime to be felling a healthy tree.*

But, if I put my snooty gardening hat on... and climb up on that (even more snooty) gardening soap box...

I should be allowed to scream at the top of my lungs:

It's not my fault!

I wasn't the fool who planted that tree right next to the house, 25 years ago. A tree that will require 200 square feet of space when he's all grow'd up. Which he was.

Mr. Pine had grown so large that he devoted the better of part of each day, scraping siding and shingles off the house.

Sun worshippers rejoice!

During the ice storm, he waved his big arms and broke the picture window. A window that pictured only him, because he was so large, all I could see were pine boughs.

Once the big, bad tree was gone, I realized something marvelous... this is not a tiny yard at all. It just looked that way when one huge tree took up so much space.

More sun = More fun

Turns out this is a huge yard! With all kinds of flower power potential.

Charlie & Pete, observing the destruction from the upper deck. 
I was surprised they weren't bothered by the sounds of the chainsaw.

The big, bad pine will be replaced by pretty in pink Kwanzan Cherry trees, a tiny choice that actually fit within this landscape.

If you're gonna be a tree at my place, you must do more than just stand around and look green. You should provide a flower, or two.

I've already started tossing out seeds! To nurture endless drifts of my most beloved wildflowers.

* I call him the big, bad pine because - in spite of what neighbors claimed - he wasn't all that healthy.

He suffered from needle blight, he was very weak, and that makes him susceptible to the pine beetle that is killing most of the evergreens in our forests.

Take a look around my neighborhood, and you'll see this needle blight everywhere. It's a sad, sad thing. These trees should all be treated. But, that is a very expensive process. And, I'm off my soapbox, now, so I don't think I'll be ranting and raving to my neighbors.

Why Kwanzan Cherry Trees? 
In addition to being absolutely stunning... They are a wee bit drought tolerant (hey!) and, sterile. Which means.. they don't produce fruit that makes a mess in your garden.


A Garden of Threads said...

You are going to enjoy all that sunshine. :o)

Mila said...

Wrong plant - so wrong place! Winter will be so much nicer with all that sun! The neighbors - if they want a huge pine blocking their porch - let them plant one. Just sayin'… !
It will be fun to see what happens as the seasons go by - more flowers! Yea!

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