Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Story of il Timone

il Timone Restaurant, Porto Venere, Liguria, Italy
That shoe? It's a LOWA. That's the company I work for. Handcrafted in Italy. Hence the reason I'm over here. 

I sought out this restaurant while traveling with several co-workers though I didn't tell any of them why.*

You see, a long time ago. {2001} I was in 'stuck' in Porto Venere -- rest assured it's a pretty stunning place to be 'stuck.'

But, I was sick. I can't eat fish and Liguria feeds you nothing else. Right down to fried sardines. For breakfast. I was also sick of my fish-loving traveling companion so we chose to go our separate ways for the afternoon.

19 years ago. 

Sitting in a coffee shop in this beach town when a sweetheart of a server asked if I was feeling okay. In English! Oh! I was so delighted to find someone who spoke my native tongue! I explained the situation -- that I thought I would die if I had to eat another piece of fish. He made a phone call. Then, he jotted down on a piece of paper the directions to il Timone. (I still have them.)

Timone! He my friend! He make you big steak! Big American Steak!

So, off we went. Through the narrow winding streets of Porto Venere. In search of il Timone.

The entire restaurant was waiting for the 'Americani Girl.' He unwrapped the white paper and showed me the gigantic 'American steak' he was planning to cook for me.

It was such a precious evening. And, he saved me! Stomach ache gone! Energy renewed!

At the castle on the edge of Porto Venere


Never thought I'd ever get back to see Porto Venere again but the world works in mysterious ways.

Timone's new and much larger restaurant is now front and center on the coastline. And, yes, of course, I checked the menu to see if he was still caring for wayward American tourists as he did so many years ago. :)

* Why didn't I tell my co-workers the history of il Timone? Well... sometimes I grow weary of negative people. They didn't deserve to hear this great story. Or, be given the opportunity to find fault with it. But, it's a keeper! So, I wanted to share.

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