Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Irresponsible vs. 'Sponsible

Christmas lights a' twinkling on my walk last night.
  Truth be told, I'd choose irresponsible, over 'sponsible any day of the week. {Though that is hardly ever how I live my life.} The only time you hear me whining about such things is when my luck runs out ~ and everything that could possibly go wrong, finds a way to do so at the exact same moment.

 I'm convinced that's how so many people ended up in Hawaii. They just couldn't take it any longer, so they abandoned all of their material possessions, in favor of a surfboard and a tent on the beach.

 I was pondering this, just last night, on the long march home. Could I? Should I? I'm talkin' beach dreams, here.

Re-blooming Orchids + some dainty Paperwhites.
 It's 3.5 miles between my place and the car repair shop. Kind of a long walk on a cold winter's day. So, I don't know what possessed me to do that, vs. beg a ride off someone.

And to do it in the dark, since the sun sets so freakin' early this time of year.

I guess I was just trying to walk myself out of a bad awful mood. And, it worked!

In fact, it was downright magical thanks to the twinkly Christmas lights I encountered all along the way. (Now don't be too critical, these are cell phone pictures.*)
What is it about the month of December that inspires all kinds of inanimate objects to start begging for attention? It's as if they have a big, group meeting where they announce: Hey, it's Christmas time! The humans might need their cash for fun stuff. So, why don't we all break down and show them who's really in charge?
Got a 6 a.m. call on Sunday morning ~ the furnace was out at the rental property. That furnace couldn't have waited until January to throw a fit? Or, to die on a weekday when repairmen are available and eager to overcharge me? (See what I mean? Proof positive I'm not paranoid. These machines are up to something.) Just a few hours later, the car decided to join in on the mutiny. Hence the walk to the repair shop.

And, as long as we're having a Ms. Cranky Pants meltdown moment... I'm still waiting for the guy to come fix the deck doors, that blew off their hinges in the big storm about a week ago.

Sprucing up the house for the holidays...
On my chilly walk home, I started dreaming about an unencumbered life. Went so far as to fantasize about an enchanted life. A blissfully happy existence where I don't have tenants. Therefore they cannot wake me from a sound sleep for such petty reasons as freezing to death.

Where cars always work, doors stay on their hinges, and the only time it snows is Christmas Eve ~ to set the mood for a lovely celebration. And, then it magically melts away before I have to shovel.

Wondering what's up with all of these bad photos and dorky patterns framing them? I guess I forgot to mention that the camera is on the fritz, too. But, I am having a swingin' time with Instagram.

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caite said...

oh, some pretty Christmas lights and lovely flowers will work on that foul mood. :-)

eileeninmd said...

The tree lights are beautiful, a pretty scene on your walk. Sorry about the car breaking down and the furnace. I do hope you luck turn for the better. Have a HAPPY week ahead.!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I am sorry to hear you are having a rather crappy week but your pictures are wonderful. Valerie

Marguerite said...

Definitely murphy's law that bad things happen in 3's. Should be clear sailing after this though. Your tree photos are gorgeous though, a walk in the dark with lights to guide your way sounds just the antidote.