Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crabby Apples

I grow Crabapple trees for the flowers. Birds love the fruit.
I started blogging a couple years ago, at a time in my life when things were literally falling apart at the seams. Starting that blog I had 2 paths to take ~ I could bitch non-stop about real and perceived miseries. Or, I could talk happy whenever I wrote about life's little incidents. I chose the latter.

Life is a continuous [and sometimes painful] learning curve though I discovered something on the opposite side of this coin. You really can fake your way to happiness. I did.

My cardinal rule was to only blog when I could find a highlight to the day. Pretty soon I started seeing that most of my days were filled with highlights, even when I didn't want to acknowledge the happy things happening around me.

Lately, I haven't been bloggin 'cause I couldn't find anything positive to say. Mostly I was just ignoring all the good mixed in with the bad. And, that got me thinking about how much I love this cardinal rule. Because I could have dragged this emotional funk on forever. Only I didn't. 'Cause I was really missing my blog.

Crabby Apple Canning Recipe
2 pounds crab apples that you absolutely grew yourself.
2 cups apple vinegar
1.5 cups water
1⁄3 cup sugar
2-3 tsp. cloves
However many cinnamon sticks you think might work best.
  • Boil vinegar, water, and sugar.
  • Immerse the apples into this boiling mess for just a couple of minutes.
  • Place the little crabby apples into pint size jars, pour the hot syrup over the apples and put the lids on.
  • Boil in a water canner type thing for about 30-minutes.
  • Or just eat them right now. They already taste pretty good. :)
Hot Tip!
Poke the apples with a toothpick before cooking so they don't explode all over your kitchen.
I'm a little amazed that my 4-year-old crab trees are ripe for the picking! Kwanzan and Prairie Fire Crabbapple Trees are two goodies for high altitude gardens.


Iron Needles said...

And I thought crab apples were just for making a mess on the sidewalk!

Glad you are back. Sending good thoughts your case you need to borrow a few, you know.

Anonymous said...

You said just the thing I needed to hear. I'm glad your back, too. Love your blog.

Kate said...

Well, thank you. That's very sweet of the both of you. - kate

By the way..I know I'm late with the hollyhock seeds but I'm gettin' there! Sending them soon. :)

Wunx~ said...

So how's 'bout I buy you a glass of wine sometime soon, that's better than a poke with a sharp stick. Better yet, we should get together with KC to celebrate her birthday (Monday.)

Kate said...

Now you're talkin' wunx, I'm always up for wine...

Gail said...

Kate, you are a wise gal. It is so easy to only dwell on the bad stuff (I know all to well). Keep up the good work in the positive, you bring a smile to our faces. I love all the beautiful things you share with us.