Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Friday Afternoon Club

Most people dream of gorgeous, decked-out mansions, but I could live happily ever after in a tiny little cottage such as this one.

Once in a blue moon, I feel as if I have some control over life.

Take last Friday, for instance, when we hiked to the not so Spooky Hollow.

I picked this trail because it was Halloween. I was thrilled that the weather cooperated so perfectly...

Dark clouds hung ominously in the sky. Blustery winds awakened dead leaves, spinning them in chaotic little circles.
Crazy bikers haunted our every move. Eerie, tin can sounds clanked quietly in the sound sculpture garden along willow creek.
The sound sculpture garden is a funny little place, plunked down ~ for very good rhyme and reason ~ in the middle of nowhere, along this pretty trail.

It encourages contemplation of your own self and the world around you:
"Everyone & Everything
has a voice
and a sweet spot.
Seek gently & find it."
- Frank Thompson

* We hatched the Friday Afternoon Club as a way to decompress at the end of a busy week. We explore a new trail, catch up on life, and take lots and lots of photos along the way.

I never feel tired after a walk in the woods. In fact, quite the opposite. I feel energized and excited and a whole lot more capable of tackling the challenges that face me.

Like this one! When I arrived home, I was accosted by a Lady Bug demanding Halloween candy and I had forgotten to stop at the store. :(


Granny J said...

That is absolutely the most wonderful wrap-around porch I've ever seen. I think I could live there (if not at 7000 ft. elevation). A lovely walk. And I want to thank you for your very, very kind words about my blog. You have inspired me to further walking!

Kate said...

If I could have that house in a zone 7 garden - with a pony and a dog and cat - I'd be in 7th heaven. :)

Kate said...

Oh, and by the way, granny j, that joint is HAUNTED!

Bainsey said...

Kinda scary lookin' - no wonder it;s haunted...