Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guinness Book of Petunias

Hardest working Petunia in the flower business.

How long will the average, run of the mill, Petunia continue to flower? It's not a trick question. I'd really like to know.

With the exception of an irresistible Zinnia or two, I never buy annuals. They're not in the garden budget. Plus, annuals are too sweet and innocent for the wild winds and freezing summer nights that can surprise us up here in the mountains.

$2. So said the sign as I meandered into Wally World. 2 bucks for a basket of flowers? I'm in.

That was 6 months ago. My two dollar Petunia Basket has been radiating happiness ever since.

In October, when the weatherman promised the first hard freeze, I couldn't stand the idea of leaving her out there to die.

Obviously, I've rounded some kind of plant attachment corner because it didn't bother me to leave everybody else out there to die.

So, I brought my little Petunia basket indoors. And, instead of slowing down she's gearing up for a whole new blooming season! Oh, and if you haven't noticed she's changing colors, too.

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