Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lulu's Menagerie

The whole sticking out the tongue thing is how Fred tells you he's happy.

"Howsabout a retirement commune? Nothing crazy religious, or too hippy/Woodstock. Just a whole bunch of like-minded people who own land adjacent to one another?"

Harold has a hard time with open spaces. He gets nervous on the evening walks.

"You mean... your family has a couple acres and my family has a couple acres? Would there be a gate with a lock between the 2 places? Because at first it could be fun but I might end up shooting you. You're way too happy in the mornings."

At first I wasn't really picking up what Sandy was putting down. Then I met Lulu.

Imagine my surprise to meet the gal who's living my life! She's got the barn, the horses, the gardens, the pasture, happy dogs, curious cats and a couple of goats for good measure.

Lulu was gracious enough to let me ride her gorgeous Arabian pony, Monsoon.

That's it I thought to myself... When I retire, I don't want to golf. I want to ride horses and goof off with my friends. Sort of. As long as a few of those friends are of the 4-legged variety. I want a hobby farm!

Look close and you can see baby Harold giving Lulu a kiss.

Meet Lulu, the owner of High Star Ranch ~ kind of like those golfing communities though infinitely better. Because there are no golf courses. Lots of gardens waiting to happen and plenty of horse trails. :-)

* We're a long ways from retiring. I suppose retirement is the topic of Sunday morning discussions since we're dreading the idea of going back to work tomorrow.

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Count me in! KC