Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Riding Up a Storm

M & Woodstock (left) - Me & Snoopy (right)

I hardly ever travel for Thanksgiving. Mostly because everybody else in the world is traveling so, first of all, I can't stand the crowds. And, secondly, I can't afford it! This year, airline discounts were desperate to send me somewhere and I was more than happy to oblige.

The pawns in this chess set are two feet tall. Which is perfect! If I'm to lose at chess, I would like to lose BIG.

I'm an orphan. Well, I guess I'm an orphan. Since I'm an adult I don't know if those rules apply. My parents have passed away. Same thing for M. [No sadness. All 4 lived great lives.]

However! When M asked what was cooking for Thanksgiving I knew exactly what she meant...

Aerial view of Mt. Hood. It's December! Where's the snow?

We met up in Oregon to ride Wendy's horses at Nehalem Bay. [Oregon Coast.]

Jimmy to the rescue. I think he had a crush on my friend, M.

Water taxi! Riding horses works up a powerful appetite. So, Jimmy boated us across the bay where we could enjoy a beer and an oyster.

Bad Dog is seriously considering a lawsuit. "What do you mean No Dogs on the Dock? This is an outrage!"

One oyster is plenty at the Jetty Fishery since they are often the size of your head (not kidding.) Yummy crab, too.

Oysters roasting an open fire... (Is that how that song goes?)

After all our Big Fun there was only one logical thing left to do. We got back on our marvelous horses and rode off into the sunset.
Sunset on Nehalem Bay


Wunx~ said...

Ooh! Ahhh!

thismngardener said...

oh-I see who you are with! I'd know that smile anywhere! Looks wonderful.