Friday, March 06, 2009

Disco Fever & The Prancing Ponies

Micro mini roses are blooming in the sunny window.
(The only non-weird thing to happen this week. )

"You can learn a lot from becoming discombobulated." - Next Door Neighbor

Tell me about it! Every plan I had this week was foiled in one way or another ~ through false promises, high winds, double bookings...

We made a valiant attempt to do Friday Afternoon (hiking) Club on Wednesday. But we sought out a new trail on the advice of someone who is clearly in good athletic condition.

Listen to me, now, because this is very important.If you need a new hiking trail ask a fat person. They'll be looking out for you every step of the way.

Never ask an athlete. [I don't know what we were thinking!] Athletes will send you to the steepest trail imaginable just to meddle with your self-esteem. Once we saw this new, steep trail, we bagged the whole idea and went for a long lunch.

That lunch was running neck and neck as highlight to my weird week. That is, until I discovered what the horses do on Thursday afternoons.

My riding lesson, like everything else, was rescheduled again and again and again. Until finally I just decided to drive down there to see if Tina would show me some love.

The place was pretty much abandoned. As we warmed up in the arena, J turned on some music. That theme from the Rocky movie. Full blast. Instantly the horses broke into a canter, joyfully galloping to the beat of that song. Then, we trotted to Abba [Dancing Queen!] Next up, Sister Sledge.

I didn't know horses love music! Admittedly they have terrible taste in music but still ~ how cool is that!?

I had no idea what I was doing but horse, Tina, didn't exactly need my guidance. She's big into the boogie. Who knew disco dancing would finally be our breakthrough?

* Yeah, yeah. I'm sure we looked utterly ridiculous but who cares? If you'd like to see how this is done by a pro, watch this amazing video. At the end, when he hugs her? I usually cry. [Tears of joy.]


KC said...

Dancing horses and dancing dogs all in the same week. That was fantastic!!! How do they train them to do that anyway? With a name like Tina she just had to love Rock as in Tina Turner.

Kate said...

The cool thing about that video and the horse is that he just plucked her out of a pasture because he thought she seemed special.

Now that I've done this, I realize that - at least in the beginning - it's all their doing. Some of 'em just love to dance...

thismngardener said...

cool cool. yes-terrible taste in music! but funny. i can just hear the songs just as you describe them. (yeah-thanks for getting "you are family!" stuck in my head. ugh.
say-check out this blog-by my british friend. i think you might like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! If you ever go "horse dancing " again You really have to find a rendition of "Gary Owen" -you know, the 7th Cavalry's theme music; it must have been written for horses. -Your long lost brother

Kate said...

Where the hell have you been?? :D

Ya never write, ya never call. I miss you. - Little sis

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