Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Snowstorm Casualties

I won't be seeing these beauties any time soon. I was fooled by 3 straight weeks of lovely, warm weather- downright hot some days! Mother Nature seems to have a thing about Memorial Day. It's as if she knows most everyone wants to go camping. (So, it rains all weekend and then it's gorgeous on Tuesday.)

A hard frost took it's toll and my tomato plants are no more. True confessions: I hated vegetables until I had the good fortune of visiting France in the summer- where I discovered what vegetables are supposed to taste like. Mmmmm.... fresh-picked, vine-ripened, organic veggies. Not that tasteless stuff the grocery stores pass off as produce.

Since then, I've made many feeble attempts at growing my own - not easy at high elevations. These latest casualities were pink heirlooms I had started in a sunny window months ago. I guess it's back to the Farmer's Market for me....

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