Thursday, May 24, 2007

Drought-Tolerant Basket of Gold

Alyssum: Basket of Gold
with late-blooming Tulips

Weather-wise, it's been a particularly confusing month in the mountains. It was 90 degrees last week, 25 degrees last night. Even some of my 'tough' perennials were drooping their heads, this morning, wondering what will be thrown at them next. Alyssum seems to thrive on the abuse and for that, I'm grateful. Because yellow is such an uplifting color when the weather refuses to cooperate. Plant Alyssum Basket of Gold in a sunny, dry spot where it can crawl over rocks or cascade down the side of a raised bed. Tiny masses of yellow flowers pair perfectly with late-blooming tulips.

* Aurina saxatilis, Alyssum Basket of Gold flowers 3-4 weeks in spring.

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