Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daisy Girls

The wind is blowing so hard today that it is snowing sideways. Which seems like a perfect time to hunker down and start preparing for summer.

It's seed planting day. Actually, seed planting should have happened 3 weeks ago but there just aren't enough hours in the days for all the things I need to get done.

Growing perennials from seed is something only weirdos (like me) and nurseries do. Why bother when a healthy, blooming perennial is only $4 at the garden shop? Because $4 can quickly turn into $400* if you have a yard the size of Rhode Island. So, I save my pennies for the exotic plants and start the easy ones by seed.

Come summer, these beauties will join forces with the Shasta Daisies (pictured above) to speckle my backyard with bright color.

36 Coreopsis:

48 Purple Coneflowers:

And, the happiest 'Daisy' of all - 36 Blanket Flowers:

* 120 perennial seedlings, 4 months of easy color, for the low, low price of... $3.57!

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