Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blessed Are the Beasts and the Sedum, Too.

Here's the prettiest thing not blooming in my garden.
Sedum Autum Joy is as lovely against a winter backdrop as she is in full flower. (IMHO)

Stopped over to visit my horse, Bella, today.
She was all riled up.
Stamping her feet. Calling loudly.
Running the length of her corral with a keen eye on the snowy meadow behind it.
First she'd whinny at me. Trot toward the back gate.
As if she wanted to show me something.
Bad Dog and I spotted him at precisely the same moment.
We turned and ran for the car as fast as our little legs could go.
Me, for the camera.
BD for safe haven. That's my doggie! Hiding in the car when he should be acting as my bodyguard. :)

This is the biggest coyote I've ever seen. As big as Bad Dog and that coward weighs in at 109. He was hunting for field mice. Listening to them scurry beneath the snow. Diving into the drifts to catch them.

Bell and I stood at the back fence watching him hunt and play for at least an hour. He just ignored us and went about his business goofing off in the freezing cold. Pretty special...
The reason I stopped over to see the horse in the first place was to bring her The Invitation. It's Christmas! People are giving us stuff! We're going to Arizona for a great big trail ride!

I was so excited I spilled coffee all over the invite.

But, here it is. I showed it to Bella. She tried to eat it.
I'm taking that as an RSVP yes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate~~ These are prize winning coyote photos. Your horse is also a beauty. Bad Dog must be camera as well as coyote shy. LOL

jan said...

Wow! Are you going to ride for six days?! That sounds like quite an adventure! Great photos of the coyote! Most of the ones that I have seen in my life have been slinking in the shadows or trying to get back to the shadows. What fun to see hime doing his grocery shopping!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hey thanks, gals!

It was fun watching that big guy (gal?) sneaking around the meadow.

Yes, Jan! 6 days in AZ! I'm excited. I think Bella is, too, but she ate the entrance form so I'll have to give 'em a call. :D

Grace -- you'll appreciate this... I'm on the phone with my brother right now and we're cruising around blogs together. Apparently he discovered yours through mine and thinks mine is lame compared to yours... :D Sounds like a refurb is in order!

Chloe m said...

What a beautiful coyote! Have fun on your trail ride!

Carol said...

What a great gift! Your photos of the coyote are great too! Lucky you ... to have a critter catching your field mice and voles not doubt. Love your horse! Enjoy the trail ride! Carol

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Rosey!
Welcome back. We've missed you.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, Carol;
I'm so excited... Happy New Year!

Jacki said...

Horses make the best watchdogs - I used to be amazed at what they can see; they would be gazing at something, and after a while I'd finally spot a deer or something. Good luck on your ride, what a gas!

Lauren Mueller said...

Cute! I want a coyote. Nice shots.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Jacki!
Yes, their eyesight is amazing. Far away, that is. Not so great, up close.

Sometimes I forget and put apple slices in their feeders. They know it's in there, they can smell it. But they can't find anything that close to their great big noses. :)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Well, hello there LM. Very nice to see you on the blog.

I'm sure you have good intentions but what if he nibbles on Sam and Chloe? Wait a sec... what am I saying? That dynamic duo would easily get the upper hand with your coyote. :)

"Daffodil Planter" Charlotte Germane said...

Big Dog sounds intelligent, not cowardly. Better to have him in the car than locked in combat with Wily Coyote.

My first visit here and I am now officially a regular! All around great stuff.

P.S. Didn't anyone tell you the first rule of blogging? 1: Don't ever let your relatives look at other blogs. With a special warning that they can't look at Grace's!