Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Buds for a Tuesday Blues Day.

Rescued from the dollar table, Ms. Cyclamen makes a fancy comeback.

Oh, I do love a 3-day weekend. Don't you? That one extra day seems to put everything right with the world.

Pinkie, here, is the only mini rose who likes me well enough to re-bloom.

If only we could have a 3-day weekend every week. Wouldn't life be grand? But that, of course, requires the torture of the obligatory 4th day...

 Howsabout an A+ for me being DISGUSTINGLY late with delivering the goods? This Amaryllis bud is a Christmas gift that may never get to her rightful 'owner.'

That 4th day, what I call the Tuesday Blues Day, is the first day back in the office when a surprising number of people are demanding the same dang thing:

Where's this?
Where's that?
Where's the other thing you promised to do??

How they amass such a coordinated effort over a long weekend is beyond me.
Seems there's no end to Ms. Orchid's polka dot party. Two plump buds promise fun stuff.

So, this Tuesday Blues Day could have been a nightmare were it not for the most amazing discovery in the kitchen window...
Oh, good Heavens! You're looking in the wrong place!
Look again:

Okay, so maybe it's not a bud. But, it's a promise of a bud! On a Phaleanopsis Moth Orchid who has been sound asleep since July.... She's workin' on a re-blooming. My very first attempt at the scary Orchids and this young lady has tossed her proverbial Orchid hat into the ring. 

PS! Did I title this blog post 'Buds'? Perhaps I should have called it BUGS. Because that's the threat from these little white specks below...



sweetbay said...

Yup, that 4th day is a bit-ka. :( Beautiful flowers though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate~~ Your orchid, wowzers! It looks like some patient soul took to tapping it with a burgundy colored Sharpie. Pinkie is perfect. Actually I think it was smart planning to get your amaryllis planted later because this time of year is when we need color the most, don't you think?

A promise of a bud is enough sometimes. The plant is alive. This is what matters.

Carol said...

Wonderful wit and photography Kate! It is always exciting to see the new growth of orchids promising buds... Lovely view of your cyclamen. ;>))

donna said...

This is the second polka dot Orchid I've seen this week. Luv it.


Unknown said...

Yea for the signs of buds on your phalaenopsis! Buds are good. Your Tuesday Blues Day comments reminded me yet again how grateful I am that I don't have to work in an office. Tried it last year for a few months. Left, sick, after 4 1/2 months and returned to freelancing. So posts like these remind me to be grateful. And of course to celebrate flower blooms and buds, always.

Rose said...

A great way to get through one of these Tuesdays--congratulations on the orchid bud! I always thought a four-day work week would be ideal; that extra day on the weekend always made such a difference. Hope those little white "specks" can be easily eradicated.

Noelle Johnson said...

How exciting to have a bud on your orchid. I am trying my hand at growing two and so far they are still alive ;-)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Sweet Bay; People just need to relax... wouldn't you agree? :)

Hi, Grace! I am so proud of that orchid!! I wonder how long it will take for that microscopic bud to turn into something exciting.

Thx, Carol; I love that pale pink color -- a color I can't wear -- so I grow lots of pinks instead.

Hi, Donna; Polka dots are such a happy design. I have 3 orchids but this is one that always makes me smile. :)

Hi, Jodi; Someday we'll have to trade freelance stories. I've got some doosies! :D

Hi, Rose; My chore for this afternoon is to nix all those pesky little bugs..

Noelle -- I think orchids like our dry air. I'll bet yours will re-bloom, too.

hazel said...

Those orchids are just lovely! I wish I could get mine to looks so well.

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