Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ May, 2010

Alyssum Basket of Gold

My secret agenda for this Saturday morning was to sleep as late as possible. 
Foiled again by a bee-zarre group of window peepers:
That's it. I'm investing in heavier drapes. And, perhaps sound proof walls. [When hot air balloons fire up, they're very loud.] They circled the joint, peeking into the kitchen window, too:

After coffee softened the blow of this early awakening, I glanced at the calendar and realized ~ Hey! It's bloom day! Fine time to admit to the world that there's not much happening in my chilly garden.
Happy Daffs & Bleeding Hearts

Persistent Prairie River Phlox

Buckets of Baby Hyacinth

A lawn in desperate need of mowing + two pretty doves.

And, these loud and proud heirloom Tulips!

* We've had a very tough spring. Cold, wet, misery. I've given my poor posies a pep talk. It's May, I say, but they're not buying it. We're about a month behind on the blooms this year. :(

So scoot on over to Carol's place to find gardens fairing better than mine!


HappyMouffetard said...

Some lovely flowers there - I like the phlox. and just think, all your flowers will come in a mad rush befor elong and the garden will be alive with blooms.

Lona said...

Well how rude to wake you and then be a group of peeping toms LOL!I probably would have thought I was dreaming to see a balloon outside my window but maybe they do this often near you.
What a pretty yellow alyssum. I do not know whether I have seen yellow before. I like it. What beautiful red and white tulips. Hope things warms up for you and stays that way.

Brad said...

It's looking good. Much more colorful than a few months ago. Sorry to hear about the hot-air balloon. I'm currently listening to the weekend morning serenade of a loud stereo from across the way. It's usually only from 10am to noon. I like the daffodils with the bleeding hearts. Happy bloom day.

Jeannie said...

Those peepers are full of hot air! Next time, open the curtains so they can have a good peek of what 'before coffee' looks like!

Still cold and snow on the ground at our house too. I'm so done with it!

How's the cut finger feeling? Pretty sore I imagine!! :(

Gail said...

Every thing is beautiful!

sweetbay said...

Sorry you didn't get to sleep in, but very cool! The cats are always waking me up before 7.

A Garden of Threads said...

I have basket of gold growing in my garden, which I pair with some purple iris called Voila. Self seeds, which is ok as I like volunteers. Happy GBBD:)

Rose said...

Sorry you were awakened so early, Kate, but I do love watching hot air balloons! Though I suppose I wouldn't appreciate their looking into my windows in the morning:) You have some lovely spring blooms in spite of the weather. After one of the warmest Aprils on record, our May has been cooler than normal. My poor plants are totally confused:)

Emily said...

Beautiful spring blossoms! I love your special tulips.

joey said...

All looks lovely, Kate. I tried Alyssum Basket of Gold for the first time and loved them ... a great compliment with my many bulbs. (A very cool pic of the hot air balloon ... easy for me to say since I couldn't hear it)!