Saturday, September 04, 2010

Riding the Red Rocks

Earlier this summer, I did a very smart thing. Huge cause for celebration since that doesn't happen all too often.

Frustrated with everyone's lack of motivation to go horseback riding, I got online and joined a group called Backcountry Horsemen of Utah. Doesn't that sound butch??? To my relief, it's a 50-50 mix of women and men, all mild-mannered cowgirl wannabes just like me.

Now, I'm not mature enough to do anything alone, so I secretly filled out membership forms, forged the signatures(!) and paid the annual dues for two of favorite horse loving pals!

It worked like a charm.

Soon after that, this mother/daughter team checked their emails and were surprised by a horse adventure newsletter. (Yeah, yeah. I gave out their email addresses, too. Nothing is sacred with me.)

What horse owner could resist such a grand adventure? A month later we found ourselves trotting along the real, true Butch Cassidy trail in the Red Rock Canyons of southern Utah.

And, yes, I let them think it was all their idea...

Best photo from this fun trip: It's Jamie taking a picture of me, while I'm taking a picture of her. :)

* Red Canyon is located just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, in southern Utah. As the story goes, Butch Cassidy escaped the local sheriff in the rugged back country of Red Canyon, now dubbed the "Cassidy Trail."
** You can rent horses and ride the same trail we did. BUT, IF YOU DO, you must absolutely, positively, promise that you will NOT rent horses through Ruby's Inn of Bryce Canyon City. You see, I found abused horses in their corral. And, I've got the pictures to prove it. I've turned them over to every animal rights group from here to Washington, D.C. Now, I'm on a first name basis with the Garfield County Sheriff, who's In like Flynn with Ruby's and refuses to investigate this case. Which has me thinking that Butch and I could have been fast friends had we met in Red Canyon a hundred years ago.


Garden Lily said...

What a clever plan! I'm glad it worked out well for you and your friends. That Southern Utah area is amazing - my husband & I spent 3 weeks there when I was pregnant with my first child - one last amazing outdoor adventure before our lives changed in other wonderful ways. Your photos bring back wonderful memories - thanks!

KC said...

Looks so fun and beautiful. Love the new blog too. I hope Rubys gets what they deserve for mistreating the horses.

Amy said...

Kate, Absolutely gorgeous red rock photos. Thanks for taking us along on the ride.

Jim and I did a 7 mile hike at Bryce the last time we were there. Riding a horse looks like an attractive option!

A Garden of Threads said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Hope you get some riding in this weekend. Take care.

Faythe said...

beautiful scenery! I promise! I hope you can make enough noise to get the attention of someone bigger than the crooked co. sheriff! Go get 'em sister!
Faythe @GMT

Liza said...

I don't understand how anyone could abuse horses. Or any animal for that matter. I'm proud of you for doing what you can to protect them.

Christine B. said...

Ah yes, a run in with the law. I've had two in the name of street trees and baby birds. But then, I'm a sentimental sucker, every time.

The red rocks are gorgeous...reminds me of a hike in Zions N.P. years ago.

Christine in Alaska

Chloe m said...

The scenery there is amazing. I loved your photos.

It is sad about those horses. I hope something can be done. Maybe someone influential will read your blog.


Melanie J Watts said...

What a great place I would love to go there, on foot. I'm not a horse women.

Snowcatcher said...

Red Canyon is one of the reasons I don't mind driving to California instead of flying. I love stopping there. You got some great pictures, and looks like such a fun adventure!

I, too, love the autumn facelift of your blog.

This was such a happy and wonderful post until I got to the end, and then it nearly made me cry. I'm glad you took a chance and did the right thing. I'm sorry it's not getting anywhere yet. I hope, as other commenters have said, that someone somewhere will do something so the abuse can end.

Carol said...

What a clever cowgirl you are Kate! Looks like so much fun!! ;>) Beautiful photos of stunning landscapes!

Anonymous said...

The area looks beautiful. How I would love to just have a day to meander and explore. Kind of brings out the kid in me. I hope the abusive horse lady goes to jail.

Rose said...

What beautiful scenes! You know I'm not a rider, but I would have almost have been willing to climb on a horse to be able to see this gorgeous country. Good for you for taking the initiative and arranging this trip; I'm sure your friends enjoyed it as much as you. And good for you for turning in Ruby's! I hope the authorities investigate and close the place down.

Carolyn ♥ said...

Welcome back! I've spent a lot of time hiking those red rocks, but never on horseback.

Wendy said...

This is SOOOO gorgeous. And not to sound too ignorant, but having never traveled west of Ohio, this looks like the stuff of movies, not reality to me!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Garden Lily;
Glad to hear you were able to tour this stunning scenery. :)

Oh, I think they will, KC. I'm still lobbying to adopt these 2 horses.

Woohoo, Amy. Bryce is so beautiful that you can trek 7 miles and not even notice. Something gorgeous around every corner!

Thx, Garden of Threads; It was loads of fun.

Thx, Faythe! LOVE your new picture. :)

I have difficulty with that, too, Liza. Animals are so sweet, kind, innocent. It requires a pretty mean-spirited individual to watch them suffer and do nothing. Thanks for the note.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Christine;
Good to hear you stir up a little trouble now and then, as well. Zion is a gorgeous spot, pretty close to Bryce.

Thx, Rosey;
It's always therapeutic to spend a little time in the desert.

Melanie ~ I'll bet I could make you a convert.

Hi, Snowcatcher;
I hope that wasn't inappropriate putting the info about those rotten horse owners in the blog. Didn't mean to make you sad -- I'm just so furious with them!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Carol;
Yay! Someone referred to me as a cowgirl. tee hee. I'm tryin'.... :D

Hi, Grace;
You'd probably love it. About as polar opposite as can be to lush, lovely Oregon.

We'll need to get you out here for a horsie ride, Rose. It's a wonderful way to see the sights. :D

Thx, Meredehuit (how do you get that little heart to show up after your name??) We're very fortunate to have such stunning landscape so close to our homes.

My dearest Wendy, you little city slicker :))) You need to come pay us a visit! PS: Ohio is great. I spent a ton of time in Columbus and Cinci when I had a real job.