Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Re-blooming Orchid and Super Summery Toenails!
 Would you like a flower on your big toe?

That would be lovely, I mumbled. As I slipped into a happy coma at the Tip & Toe. In their cushy leather massage chair while my tootsies were tubbed and scrubbed, polished and painted, brought back to life after a solid month of heavy duty landscaping. In sandals.

Hot Cha Cha Roses
 This is all new to me. Being pretty and stuff. On my May trip to New Mexico, my girlfriends were appalled at my broken, dirty fingernails. (Hey. I work garden for a living.) And, whisked me off to USA Nails for a complete overhaul. I loved the results. First time in years I wasn't embarrassed of my hands.

Perennial Snapdragons
 When I was back down in New Mexico last week, I tried to get a touch up but nobody had time to squeeze me in. Of course, I'll never go back there now that I've discovered the Tip & Toe. Because they've got these comfy leather chairs...

 It is hot. Miserably hot. And, dry. Blustery winds batter the garden. There's a weird yellow tint to the sky, perhaps from the wildfires burning out of control a little bit south of me. The smell of smoke fills the air.

Plus, things keep going wrong.

Which is why I decided to escape for awhile. To the bliss of a nail salon where nobody speaks English. At least, not very well.

On Monday, I lost my camera. Which is never a good thing but a huge tragedy, this time, since it contained pictures of the most remarkable petroglyphs I'd ever encountered. While horseback riding in a remote back country area somewhere in the middle of New Mexico.

On Tuesday, a friend asked for a shockingly big favor. To borrow a whole bunch o' money. Has this ever happened to you? And, how do you handle it? I said no but I've felt sad and guilty ever since.

And, then! The coup de gras. Some dirty rotten scoundrel stole my scooter. Isn't that just rude? (Salt Lake City friends, please keep an eye out for my beloved Scooty. License # A54CM Honda Metro.)

But, there is an upside to every miserable situation. It's not like anything else could go wrong since everything already has. And, the temperatures are guaranteed to cool down. I mean, winter will show up at some point, won't it?

Plus, I have Tivo. And, central air. So, I could hide out, indoors, with the a/c blasting for weeks, if I wanted need to.

Here's hoping you're all having a joyfully uncomplicated week. :)



Oh that just sucks to have your camera stolen. And your scooter. I hope you can get them back. And I'm glad you have AC. I hope the cool down happens soon. If it's any consolation, your photos are fabulous and I bet your nails are too!

caite said...

Your camera and your scooter gone? Eeek!
But the flowers are lively..that Cha Cha rose...wow!

Rilly said...

sounds like there were a few days you should have stayed in bed...as me ol' mum would say. I learned the hard way a long time ago that "loans" to friends and family are very rarely loans. You probably saved yourself a bundle so don't feel bad about it. If you lose a friend over it...they weren't a friend to begin with. Good advise from a cynic...;)

A Garden of Threads said...

Oh my gosh Kate, you have had quite the week. But pretty toe nails to cheer you up. I hope you find your scooter. If my camera went missing I would feel lost. Take care and I hope the rest of the week is better:)

Olga said...

I like your Orchid! Great color!

Laurrie said...

Any one of those events -- fires, heat, destitute friends, lost and stolen equipment --- would have sent me under. Your words written here tell how terribly affected you were but how resilient you are. Carry on carrying on, I hope the lost are found, the stolen returned and the heat and fires dampen.

As to money and friends, I just don't know.

Melospiza said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your week. And I hear you about the hot dry summer - I've been telling myself that winter has to come sometime, too.

Lona said...

Oh that is just terrible about losing your camera and the pictures. But to steal your scooter now that is just all wrong. I hope they find the bums and the scooter it for you. That rose is such a strikingly pretty one. I adore the bright orange color Kate.

Anonymous said...

That's what i call "great post". Thank you so much.


Janie said...

Your flowers are looking lovely and so are your fancy toenails!

Simon Smith said...

I hope you find/get a new camera soon - your photos are lovely. I hope the weather cools and dampens a bit for you soon also.

Capital Gardens said...

Woah, sounds like you had a pretty terrible week! But hey, at least you did it all with pretty toenails ;)

Wally said...

Sorry about the camera and the scooter :-(