Monday, September 03, 2012

The Heavenly Blues

And, the winner is... Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
 I was so worn out yesterday. It was all I could do to stay awake until the sun went down. Of course, then I was up before dawn, staring at the waning full moon and wondering if that was the culprit for my poor night’s sleep.

I seeded Morning Glories in an old whiskey barrel on the deck.
And, it wasn’t just me. The pets were awake, milling about, as well. I know dogs dream but I guess they also toss and turn. Who knew?

I cuddled into my ratty robe, brewed up a pot of cowgirl coffee, and plopped down on a deck chair, facing the mountains.

Watched the fog lift from the meadow across the way and spoke out loud ~ to myself, I guess ~ sincerely wondering: Where did this summer go? 

Unplanned, but what a great planting spot! I can view these flowers through the kitchen window.
It takes just one cold, stormy night to be reminded of how that seasonal clock never stops ticking. That time is no longer on my side. The leaves are changing and so am I. Shifting gears. Thinking about all the autumn chores. How to prepare the garden for those inevitable snows. Never a happy thought.

Heavenly blooms thru the kitchen window.
And, recapping what, in lots of ways, was a fabulous summer. Though the busiest I can recall, in many years.


Seems each garden season, one special flower captivates my attention. Sometimes they're exotic beauties I never should have purchased ~ prompting me to devote the better part of the season trying to convince them that they'll enjoy living here. {Hardly ever the case.}

This year, it was the simplest of flowers. An annual Morning Glory called Heavenly Blue. This high in the mountains, the Blues need a jump start so we can revel in their glory before the nights grow too cold.

I started them indoors, from seed. That's the most marvelous thing about a simple packet of seeds. You don't end up with one plant, you typically end up with 20 or 30. So, I shared the wealth, delivering baby blues to flower-loving friends. Including some of my daughter's best buds, who are just getting into gardening.

That was so much fun ~ bouncing pictures back and forth ~ tracking the progress of our Heavenly Blues. I love getting new people into gardening. (Though one of them used push pins to get the vines to climb a wall, so we're still working out a few bugs with respect to gardening technique... :)

When they were vacationing in Vail last month, they spotted this beloved Morning Glory strutting her stuff along a restaurant wall and sent me a pic.

True Confessions? It's gonna break my heart when the nights grow colder and this bright blue beauty says bye-bye. I might just drag her indoors and see if we can be roommates for the winter.

The Skinny: Ipomoea Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, annual flower, not cold hardy ~ Easy as pie to grow by seed. Full sun, drought tolerant, big 5-inch blooms on vines that climb approximately 10 feet.

Did you have a favorite flower this summer? Do tell!
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Lona said...

Wow Kate they are just beautiful. I love those blue blooms. Great shots. My Morning Glory's are like most in my garden this year. Yellow and sad looking. LOL!

Anonymous said...

For some reason (can't remember now)I didn't plant any Morning Glories this past spring. Just last week I found a little volunteer in my flower beds. It was such a nice surprise and a good reminder to put them on my list for next year.

Your blog is a joy to browse.

Marguerite said...

Gorgeous flowers and great pictures of them. It is pouring rain here tonight and the temperature has dipped, fall is definitely in the air and while I don't totally mind, I'm also sad it's over once again. I grew Nigella for the first time this year and it was hands down my personal favourite. Starts out icy white and then gradually turns blue, darkening almost to purple. Will definitely be a must have next summer as well.

Janie said...

The morning glories are a beautiful color. It's always kind of sad to see the summer flowers fade away.

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow Kate, what a beautiful shade of blue and so easy to grow. Maybe they will self seed for you:) Enjoy your weekend. hugs, Jen


Wouldn't that be great if you could get it to bloom for you indoors this winter? I'll keep my fingers crossed. It is a beauty.

Wally said...

Blue isn't my favourite flower colour but those photos are exquisite. I love that restaurant wall too.

Flower Pot said...

I think blue morning glories are some of the most beautiful blue flowers there are and these are great photos...thanks.