Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Oxygen Garden

Favorite annuals are dragged indoors to populate the [indoor] Oxygen Garden.
 Temperatures have warmed. First snows are a distant memory.

 I spent a muddy afternoon inspecting the soggy [outdoor] gardens. Preparing for winter. Something I should have done long before that first arctic blast. Because chopping the ice off of a badly abused lawnmower, and schlepping stiff as a board, frozen hoses into the garage is really not the wisest of ideas.

Sunny windows are filled with brightly RE-blooming Butterfly Orchids

 But I got 'er done. And, I was only a month overdue. Which is actually pretty good for me!

This is the very first Orchid I ever purchased. 2009. Still gracing me with happy flowers.
 Do you make lists? I make one every morning. While savoring a cup of cowgirl coffee, I jot down all kinds of things that need doing. Pressing things! Important things! Things that cannot wait a moment longer.

I've discovered the key to plentiful Orchid blooms is way more sunshine than the pros recommend.
 And, I'm hugely committed to this list! Right up until I get a phone call. Where I'm offered something more interesting to do.. And, well... you know how this story ends.

Sometimes I wonder if the soul purpose of that ever-growing to-do list is simply to bring out the Catholic guilt in me.

Christmas Cactus enjoy a cup o' tea almost as much as we do. Left over tea = fab fertilizer.
 'Tis the season for me to be highly energetic in the Oxygen Garden, though. Coaxing and coddling all kinds of indoor blossoms who clean up the air and add delightful color to every nook and cranny.

 I had dinner with a friend last week, who said she, too, has an indoor Oxygen Garden, which consists of a Spider Plant. {Seriously?} Hopefully, I talked her into getting more creative. Hopefully these pictures have inspired you, too. Because we all need beauty. Especially on a cold winter's eve.

Searching for some new ideas for flowering houseplants?

You're in luck!

I was given this {terrific!} book to read and review and now I'm giving it to you.

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After a few dozen glasses of champagne during the Thanksgiving holiday, we'll randomly pick a commenter out of the virtual hat.
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Scotkat said...

My kinda book The unexpected house plant to curly up and enjoy the joy and pleasure you are giving to everyone Kate thank you.

On my wish list now and have seen this book n Amazon to buy and to enjoy.

Lona said...

Your indoor garden is beautiful Kate.You always have such lovely blooms to carry you through those cold snowy days. I wish I had the windows and light here to grow more indoors. Maybe someday. LOL! I say that a lot.
Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

The Suzzzz said...

I only have 2 indoor plants right now (rosemary and some unidentified thing someone gave me as a house warming present 6 years ago) because I managed to kill my pineapple sage. I did however bring back 2 plumeria starts and a bottle with 50 orchid starts from my recent trip to Hawaii. I just need to transplant them and get them a solid start and try not to kill them.

This book sounds great. I've been wanting to find some plants that do well with little direct sunlight to put on the window ledges that are in the shade 90% of the day.

Marguerite said...

oh dear, I've ruined many a good garden hose that way. I'll admit to having multiple spider plants in order to make up for my lack of other houseplants. plus, you just can't kill those things. Good news though, thanks for your advice regarding plant fertilizer my orchid has a new shoot and may just start blooming one of these days.

Wally said...

Beautiful flowers. I especially love the first photo.
(Btw I remember reading Spider Plants are good for absorbing certain kinds of indoor air pollution, I think it was NASA that did some research on it.)