Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Sunny Room

Orchids in the kitchen window
 Oh, yay... The deep freeze of last week is over. Winter has released us from it's icy grip. It's 32 toasty degrees and I'm feeling like I'm in the midst of a heat wave!

If you've visited my humble blog before, you might remember that there are big mountains outside this kitchen window. But, you couldn't see them last week. Heavy frost covered the window panes, climbing ever higher as temperatures plunged toward zero.

I probably handle winter better than most but I gotta say... when I saw that it was warmer in Alaska than it was in Utah? Well, that made me a tad cranky!

At the onset of our sub-zero days, I grabbed the warm coats from the tack room and marched up the hill toward the horse corral.

Sable, my sweet Appaloosa, (black) who can't seem to grow a thick winter coat, whinnied happily and trotted toward me. Meg, my other mare who fluffs out like a polar bear, (red) ran the other way.

There is a great debate in the horse world about whether to blanket or not to blanket. They don't need blanketing! Scream the know-it-alls ~ of which there are many and why are those folks always so loud and bitchy? The deer don't wear blankets so why should the horses?

Yeah, well, the deer probably would if they could. That's my point of view. As humans, aren't we here to make our animal's lives a little easier? During a lingering cold snap, I bundle up both of my beloved horses. And, in spite of Ms. Megan putting up a little fuss, both seem quite grateful for the added warmth.

Bad Dog resting in the Sunny Room
So, what do you do to avoid cabin fever? I cleaned this shack, from top to bottom! I even cleaned the nooks and crannies that most people never see!

I feel proud enough to let you take a peek: This is my sunny room. I can't call it a sun room since it is also my living room.

Sweet little Christmas Cactus
Even on the coldest of days, the sun pours in through these windows and the temperature hits 75 or 80 degrees. Everybody naps in here. Dog, cats... even me!

Azaleas happy to be on the inside, looking out.
Everything flourishes in the sunny room. Azaleas, Calla Lilies, Orchids, Poinsettias. Even boring stuff, like lettuce and onions, basil and cilantro. (Because when it's this cold, I make a lot of soup.)

Yep, that's a dead Hydrangea blossom posing behind this multi-colored (and old as the hills) Poinsettia. Long story about how that got there... suffice to say I saw a sale. Long after I should be buying transplants for an autumn garden.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all that's happening around this joint. What's new and interesting with you?


Bonnie said...

I love your sunny room! I do have a sun porch, but it isn't heated so I can't use it during the winter.

Susan INPH said...

Remodeling here. I'm glad it's not gardening season or I would be having a nervous meltdown.

Rilly said...

I have a long time friend who lives in Moose Pass, Ak., in a home very similar to yours. She took a trip to Antarctica in Nov, which is summer there but still very cold, and she arrived home the day before being hit with a week of sub-zero temperatures. She said it was warmer in Antarctica than it was in Alaska....but she'll never move, she's lived there 66 yrs. I'll take the incessant rain of WA over the cold of Utah and AK. Stay warm!!!

Melospiza said...

I love that room.

Sue said...

What a great room! Being a bean counter for a company with a calendar year end has it's advantages for a gardener-I'm busy at work during the crappiest weather months of the year. Cleaning is an option but I usually opt out :).

We're in the midst of a January thaw right now that is supposed to last through the weekend. Time to get creative amd get outside.

Stay warm. The last time I was in Park City was March 2006. Fabulous skiing but it seemed cold for March.

Marguerite said...

I wouldn't mind taking a nap in that lovely room either. All that sunlight is wonderful, no wonder you have such nice houseplants.

Janie said...

Ah, your sunny room looks wonderful for napping when it's cold outside.
Nice to have a few blooms, even in winter.

sweetbay said...

Yup, there are a lot of horse people who are nine kinds of crazy. I love your living room!

Wally said...

I love your sunny room!