Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oxygen Garden

Re-Blooming Beauty: Phaleanopsis Moth Orchid
Geez! Where did this month go? Zipping by at light speed. When I plopped down in front of my computer this morning, I started to panic...

Perky Little Primrose
 Did I pay for the house? The car?

Have I taken care of the rest o' those pesky bills?

Surprise blossom on the "I thought you were done flowering" Rose
 Apparently, I did. {Breathing sighs of relief} Though I have little recollection of these mundane tasks...

Can't live without the Kalanchoes
Because I'm still in vacation mode.

And, I'd kinda like to stay there for a good long time...

Argh. Mondays. Here's hoping you had a good one.

These are all the bright bloomers in the Oxygen Garden (aka the flowers blooming indoors, while we impatiently wait for spring.)

These pics were all taken with my iPhone. Hence the sub-standard quality and bodacious frames! ;>)

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A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Kate, The oxygen garden is playing with your mind. It looks so inviting, I would be spending my days gazing on the beautiful blooms. Hope you have a great day.

khaki said...

I can't believe those were taken with your phone!!! My photos never come out that good/ clear! Beautiful shots!!!