Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cold Climates

Don't get too excited. She's growing in a sunny window. I'm weeks away from seeing bright beauties, such as this little darling, blossoming outdoors.

But, here's a question for you flower lovers. I think she's just about the most perfect Daisy one can grow, but it's not a Daisy at all. Do you know who she is?

My gardening world looks like this. Tender green shoots popping up all over the place. Hardy bulbs, thumbing their nose at the chilly weather, promising great things to come. Which is why I glean such joy from playing in the mud. 

Spring is such a delightful time. A reunion, of sorts, cleaning up the garden beds, looking at the green shoots and trying to remember which plant is which. And, there are some flowers out there!

While raking away winter's debris, I spotted pink Chinodoxia doing her level best to assure me that garden season has, indeed, arrived.

But, it's still pretty chilly out there. That's why I grow so many perennials indoors. All kinds of flowering plants, who really shouldn't be here. There's that Daisy again. Have you figured out her name? Well, now, here's another challenge for you. What's this one? Those fuzzy green buds might be a dead giveaway.

Guess again. Such bright, fun colors, they don't even look real.
Pics taken on my iPhone
I was on the phone this morning, chatting with yet another mortgage banker who is just dying to re-fi my house. He asked how long I'd lived here. (Shouldn't they know that, if I'm allegedly pre-qualified?) Had to do the math in my head but when I said 10 years it sort of hit me...

This is the year! They say it takes 10 years to grow a proper garden. I don't know if that's true. But, I will say that playing around outdoors yesterday was an impressive treat. I hardly have room for any more flowers...

Though that's never stopped me before. :)


Aaron said...

I like your idea of spring as a reunion :)

Snowcatcher said...

Oh, you're like me! Addicted to flowers!

I waited for the snow on Tuesday to melt, and yesterday I popped the new bulbs in the ground! I know I'm taking a risk, but I'm ready for spring!

Thank heavens for the indoors blooms! (And peppers and tomatoes and little green onions and...)

Melospiza said...

Ooh, I like that I have five more years before my garden hits maturity! It definitely feels like the truth right now.

Rose said...

I've run out of room for flowers, too, but I keep managing to shoehorn a few new plants in each year:) Actually, I do have room--it's just that I need a garden fairy with muscles to dig up more garden space for me.

Well, I am clueless as to what either of your plants is. I'll have to come back later to find out the answer. Glad the snow has finally melted, so you're getting some garden play time, Kate!

Marguerite said...

Time flies when you're having fun :) I too am thankful for indoor plants. Such a late spring this year, not a bloom in sight yet although the squill are really trying hard (if only the temperature would just stop going down!)

Bonnie K said...

Funny. We are 10 years in our cabin also. I think my gardens are far from done. Always changing and hopfully improving.

Janie said...

i love seeing those first green shoots come up, guessing what flowers might show their faces in a few weeks.
I don't know either of your beautiful flowers by name. but I like them anyway!