Saturday, August 03, 2013

Riding the Spotties

Check out this cool video of the Chief Joseph Trail Ride ~ the one my spotted horse & I just completed. I'm in the vid a coupla times. Can you spot me? (Yup. Pun intended. :-)

If you can't find me, perhaps you'll spot Sweet Sable!

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Marguerite said...

I know it's a hard ride but wow it looks amazing. The scenery is spectacular and what a wonderful way to enjoy it.

KC said...

Looks fabulous! So glad you are having such a marvelous time with your horses.
Sandy and I just got back from a hike up to Dog Lake and thought of you. We both say, "Hi!". Also, how is Bad Dog doing? I think of you both often;)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, KC! Hope you saw lots of pretty flowers up along the Dog Lake trail. That's a lovely spot.