Saturday, March 08, 2014

I'm Ready. Are You?

Forced Tulip bulbs growing indoors.
What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness? - John Steinbeck

Okay! It's official! The absolute, hands down, best job in the my ski resort hometown of Park City, Utah for this season was.... snow plow driver. Seeing as how we never got any snow. Nix, nada, nuttin. So their job was to sit around and wait for what never planned to come.

The bay window flowers that keep me busy, indoors, in winter.
That's my job in the winter, too. I desperately need that change of season. A time out, so to speak. To rest, to plan, to collaborate ~ on all kinds of new things that need doing. Just as soon as the warmer season arrives.

Again, indoors, spring comes late in the mountains. Daffs bloom outdoors in May.
It has felt like springtime for months, now. Teasing, miserable, unusual weather. Doing it's level best to mimic depressing Seattle.

A new re-blooming Orchid!
Apologies to the pacific northwest... but I moved here for the cloudless blue skies. Intense, high mountain sunshine that turns freshly fallen snow into a field of sparkling diamonds.

A wonderland to ski in and play in and give thanks for the change season. Not this long, long season of heavy, grey skies, constant rains, and the obligatory river of squishy, squashy mud.

I forced a collection of pink/white Tulip bulbs for bright color indoors.

But the times, they are a changing. In that we get to turn our clocks back an hour. And enjoy the longer days.

It's a domino effect. The moment the after work hours provide sunlight, horse season begins.

It may take the better part of the afternoon to scrape off all that squishy squashy mud but saddles will go on, the first ride of the season will happen.

No more lollygagging around the barn for them. No more lazy, scheming, dreaming, garden sessions on the couch, for me.

And, so it begins! The infinitely busier and considerably more exciting - summery half of the year. I'm ready. Are you? :)

* All the flower photos, in this post, are blooming indoors, in the sunny window.

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Janie said...

No snow?! We didn't have much, but at least the snow plow drivers had a few runs...
All those springy flowers make me wish something was blooming around here.


How strange. No snow at all? Well, finally the mystery is solved. The gods switched our weather. No snow for you and yet we, here in western Oregon had not one but two 18 inch snow dumps and seriously arctic record low temperatures. I hope you have a nice spring.