Friday, July 04, 2014

Outrageously Orange

My 'bottle rockets' are happily celebrating the 4th of July.
I've always had a mad crush on the color orange. Can't, for the life of me, figure out why it's considered the 'color of insanity.' Unless the folks who tell me that are trying to say that I am?

So, whaddyathink? Do you love orange? Do you hate it?

However you feel about orange, I'm sure you'll agree on one thing. Orange simply cannot be ignored.

I purchased a gorgeous orange dress one time. Back when I was skinny so I could wear pretty much anything. Except, maybe, that.

Whenever I wore it, people would ask me if I was feeling okay. Hmmm...

So, clearly orange is not my color. At least not on the bod.

But, that hasn't stopped me from squeezing it into every nook and cranny.. in the garden:

Here's hoping you're having a wonderfully lazy time of it during this holiday week. Happy 4th!
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Aaron said...

My dad is a big fan of orange. He walks/walked a lot on roads with no sidewalks, so I think his predilection for orange was at least in part a safety measure.

I like orange, but in small doses :)

Can't say I go out of the way to include it in the garden.

Though it does look marvelous when embodied in that Kniphofia!

Lona said...

You have some beautiful orange colors going on in your garden but they do not compare to that sunset. How Gorgeous! I love your Bottle Rockets. I planted one last year and it had one bud on it and the bud died for some reason. I hope it has more next year so I can see at least one bloom. LOL! Have a lovely week.

chloris said...

One's tastes change over the years. I used to hate orange and would never let it into the garden. Specially with pink. Yuck. But then one day I looked at some orange lilies and realised what I was missing. I love it with cinnamon or blue. And in late summer it zings with red and yellow. Yes I love orange. But not on dresses. You wouldn't catch me in an orange dress. One doesn't want to look like an orange.

Marguerite said...

I adore orange ... in my wardrobe :) The garden's another story. I have some orange flowers but I struggle to combine them with other plants. Purple seems to be my colour of choice when it comes to gardening.

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